Cold Laser Therapy – A Unique Treatment for Pain Relief

Light therapy has been around for many years. Recently the community of healthcare department is now embracing the cold laser therapy as a valuable tool to manage the variety of health issue in a more efficient way.

The human body is made up from trillions of cells and each of these cells in your body depends on both chemical as well as physical processes that help to produce energy in your body. This energy is really useful to heal and survive. According to many medical or healthcare departments, the cold laser therapy is now widely known to promote a variety of function within your body. These functions include pain control, vascular improvement, cellular healing and wound healing.

Approved by FDA:

In past, this therapy was used only for some limited conditions such as jaundice and vitiligo. But now this therapy is used for many other medical issues around the world. In the US, the FDA has cleared that it is used for the variety of functions such as improving your vascular system, cellular and wounds healing as well.

Forms of Laser Therapy:

There are several forms of laser treatment around the world that include the use of

  • Hot Laser (Hot laser therapy is used in the surgical procedures)
  • Cold Laser (This therapy is used for non-surgical treatment, it is a therapeutic treatment that helps to encourage healing)

Both of these lasers therapies are used light as its source for treatment but the specifications, classification, and power of both forms are different from each other.

Effective Treatment For Pain:

This cold laser therapy is really famous and used around the world for a variety of therapies and valuable treatments. These include reduction of the inflammation, the skin treatment, heal wounds and give relief from pain and more. The patient who used this therapy has found it a really effective treatment for different health issues. It is a non-surgical treatment and you have to take just a few sessions to get relief. Most of the times after taking 1st session the patients start to feel a clear difference.

Faster Treatment:

The surgical treatment or any other treatment can be painful for you and it will take a lot of time in healing. But the cold laser therapy is a great and faster treatment that will start to heal within the first few sessions. It will also provide you with the benefits of home use. This becomes really valuable for the people who are unable to go outside for treatment and is homebound. With the portable cold laser device, they do not need to manage time from their busy routine and go to the health care center.

Cold Laser Therapy – A Unique Treatment for Pain Relief

The people who feel afraid from surgical treatment should use this therapy to get relief. But try to complete your session to get relief completely form any medical issue. Its laser light will never hurt you or will not even damage your skin. So with this therapy, you don’t need to get worried about anything

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Buy Cold Laser to Stop Smoking

Do you believe that there is one of a great treatment that can help you to stop smoking without any pain? The Quantum Brain healing recommends the cold laser theory, detoxification and herbs to successfully manage with the nicotine and with the other substance abusers as well.

How Does This Work?

The laser treatment of the Luminex medical grade class IIIB uses a laser therapy with a device that helps to focus the beam to that of a slightly larger as compared to the pinpoint to utilize several acupuncture points on the ear of a patient. There are more than 70 points of the ear that are used to auricular as well as for the ear acupuncture. There are also several points which are used on every patient and maybe some additional point is added just for  a specific need of your patient.  To buy cold laser device for use at home will help you to get rid of many problems.

What Happens To The Patient And Does It Hurt?

The doctor who treats their patients with laser uses the beams of cold laser therapy and they focus on the organ points on the ear of a patient. They don’t use any needle or any other instrument to provide relief to their patients. These auricular acupuncture points include the mouth, zero point, large intestine brain, kidney, lungs, and spleen as well. The nicotine that point on your have should also be treated with a specific point on the form your bottom foot which is related to your kidney.

The nicotine point on the hand should also be treated, along with a point on the bottom of the foot related to the kidney (K1). This treatment not hurt the patients like any other laser treatment and they start to heal quickly.

How Does This Laser Therapy Work?

The laser light might become a cause the body to release neurotransmitters and endorphins. Both of the endorphins and neurotransmitters help the patient to calm down and feel relax while reducing the craving of nicotine and the withdrawal symptoms. This therapy can also improve your sleeping pattern and reduce the sleeping disorder that may arise for some patients who are going through smoking cessation. It will also make you feel relaxed, happy and reduce the level of stress as well.

Why People Prefer It To Get Rid Of Smoking?

As you know that the cold laser theory is also considered the best treatment to get rid of smoking in an efficient way. Most of the patient prefer this way of treatment because in this therapy there is no chance of any dangerous side effect will help you to come back to your normal life in the shortest time period. As compare to any other laser therapy the cold laser therapy start healing in just few sessions. IF you don’t want to go anywhere at doctors clinic then you can also buy cold laser device to treat yourself at home but for this, you want to get some knowledge about the points that you need to target for this treatment.

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The Power of Cold Laser Treatment

The Power of Cold Laser Treatment

Cold laser therapy is a new treatment in the field of chiropractic; this technology has been used approximately for 30 years and now it becomes more popular around the world.  It uses a well-developed technology that is really helpful to attack the source of many different issues within your body, including the areas of pain and enable the areas to be corrected and to heal as well. This treatment is considered really unique for several reasons and people are getting a lot of benefits through this non-surgical treatment.

Invasive Treatment Is Not Required:

The cold laser doesn’t require any invasive treatment that is required in other therapies and surgeries. It will not invade your body, only the lasers penetrating through the layers of muscles as well as your skin to reach the cells in your body.  You will get the relief without feeling any pain that you can feel through surgical treatment.

Fast Recovery:

Most of the people prefer this treatment instead of surgical treatment just to avoid the burden of recovery.  The issue is corrected over time with the several therapeutic treatments. Recovery is one of the most difficult parts of surgery and an individual don’t want to deal with it. That’s why this is the main reason due to which people preferred to get cold laser therapy instead of surgical treatment.

Target The Problem And Stimulate Damage Cells:

Cold laser therapy is a great way to target the pain or problem area and also work to stimulate as well as rejuvenate the damaged cells in your body. So, you know that your body cells are one of the most important aspects of correcting and healing the damaged area, they must be targeted to become healthy again. The laser light that is used during this treatment send the photons into the damaged area and enable your body cells to become healthy again.

Help With Several Issues:

This therapy will help the people with several medical issues such as back pain, knee pain, arthritis, the muscle strain, tendonitis, the injuries of soft tissues and more. Since the cold laser is really versatile that helps most of the people every year to recover and get your health back again in an efficient way.

Fewer Side Effects Than Other Treatments:

This laser therapy has fewer side effects as compared to other treatments, so the patent doesn’t need to get too much worried about it. Its side effects are non-existent if the doctor will conduct this therapy in a better way.

No Medication Is Required:

Most of the surgical treatments required medication to recover completely but this treatment is not needed medication to recover the issue. It will help to cut down the extra costs that you pay for your medicines.

Moreover, this type of therapy changes the way chiropractors help to heal and correct the different ailments of the patients. With this smart and unique therapy, the chiropractors can easily target the source of pain and stimulate your body back to a healthy lifestyle.

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The Main Uses of Light Therapy

The Main Uses of Light Therapy

The light therapy is based on some principle that certain wavelength of the light can affect the living organism into several ways and is widely used for the relieving depression, alleviating pain and to improve the skin.

There are different procedures of light therapy that are available around the world, such as the LED light therapy by using red and blue light emitting diodes. Under the different treatments, the subjects are exposed to a specific wave of the light including fluorescent lamps, lasers, and the bright light that will emit all colors of the spectrum.

What Are The Uses Of Light Therapy?

There are different uses of light therapy some of them are as given below:

Acne Light Therapy:

This therapy will help you to kill the bacteria that become a cause of acne on your face. It will help you to reduce the pain and complications, which is involved in a non-surgical treatment of removing acne. The light penetrates into the skin walls of your cell and prevents your skin to develop any further bacteria.

Treat Depression:

It is the best treatment for the depression caused by the lack of light during the winter season by exposing the various light quantities on the patient. With this treatment, the patient can start to feel that the spring and summer season is about to come soon and they stop taking the anti-depression medicines.

Improve The Sleeping Pattern:

This light therapy is used for working in the human body’s sleep rhythm that will help to improve their sleeping patterns. According to a research, the light governs the sleeping habits of an individual largely and this treatment will help them to get different amounts of the light at the different times of the day. It will help you to improve your sleeping pattern and allow you to sleep well and properly.

Treat Skin Diseases:

This therapy is helpful to deal with different skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema and a faster way to recover as compared to ointments or shampoo.

A Person Who Need UV Lights:

It is effective for the people who want UV light without going outside. The UV lights are given to the person into required and safe doses. It will help a person to get tan for their body without the effect of over-exposure to harmful rays of the sun

Stimulate And Rejuvenate Your Body Cells:

This great treatment will help to rejuvenate the body cells of an individual and provide them more beautiful and glowing look as well. It will help you to spend a lot of money that you’re spend on expensive ointments and elixirs.

Moreover, this therapy is mostly used for skin purposes such as anti-aging and acne. This technology used the LED light for treatment which is safe and uses the different wavelengths of light with different colors that used for differed purposes. This therapy has been used for many years and people are getting a lot of benefits to form it but now it has become more advanced and powerful.

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Cold Laser Therapy Device for Pain Relief for home use. Cold Laser for Chiropractic.

Cold Laser Therapy Device for Pain Relief for home use. Cold Laser for Chiropractic.

Cold Laser Vityas - Portable Kit

Price:  $186-$68=$118 USD + $24 shipping!

Buy cold laser Vityas — Kit Portable

Cold Laser Vityas - Portable Kit

Buy Cold laser Therapy Device for home use. Cold Laser for Pain Relief and for Chiropractic works anywhere! Insert batteries — and enjoy a Cold Laser Therapy Device.

Cold Laser Vityas - Portable works anywhere! Insert batteries TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS device Cold Laser Vityas — Portable
The device small-size , easy to use , has a self-control performance.
Control of operating modes automatic microprocessor .
Modes of the device accompanied by a sound and light indication .

Physical factors affecting the device Vityas — Portable:

   — Laser light (650 nm) red spectrum (visible ) 5 mW ;
- Laser light (850 nm) infrared ( invisible ) 5 mW ;
- The magnetic field from 5 to 50 mT.
Time machine is ready to work 5 seconds.
Overall dimensions (260 x 60 x 64 ) mm.
Class I laser safety EN60825 .
Guidance on how to use the device in detail and easy to understand (on CD-disc).

REFERENCE DATA device Cold Laser Vityas — Portable

the DC magnetic field is at least 40 mT ;
the laser diode in the red spectrum 650 ± 10 nm continuous ;
emission of infrared laser diode 850 ± 10 nm pulsed duration of 40 ms, repetition rate of 12,500 Hz, a peak power of 10 mW ;
in all modes simultaneously emit both laser total average power of about 10 mW ;
spot area effects on output of the radiator about 1 cm ²;

Cold Laser Vityas-Portable

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Soft Laser Therapy for Chiropractic – Repair Damaged Cells

Soft Laser Therapy for Chiropractic – Repair Damaged Cells

At the beginning of laser therapy, people had been too much conscious about the Soft laser for chiropractic.

They could highly believe that the light which is shining on a specific part of the body can help to heal a person. They considered absurd, but now the view of people are now starting to change with the different benefits of immense that they start to receive.

They can understand the benefits of this treatment. Even the persons, who took this treatment for a short period only for a trial basis, got unbelievable results that made them surprised.

Nowadays there are a lot of Chiropractic Centers all over the world where people go for different treatments.

They are giving great healing via laser treatment with addition of chiropractic concern. It will not change the treatment but the best addition to make it more efficient.

Function of Soft laser Therapy:

The soft laser therapy is a mechanism that helps to reduce the swelling, inflammation and pain. It also helps to hasten up the process of healing and the damaged tissues at the same time.

The invisible spectrum of the laser light controls the energy.

The therapeutic laser provides an amount of electromagnetic emission of the energy that can easily reach the tissues 2” underneath the surface of your skin.

This process will help to deliver the curative light and energy to the injured cells in your body. So in that way, the process of healing and curing go faster.

Duration of Treatment:

The duration of Low-level laser therapy will vary from 5 minutes to 20 minutes. The duration of treatment will depend on the intensity of the disease, pain or any other issue. But the quick relief from pain does not mean that you are healed properly. So it is always important to complete the treatment and attend all the sessions. It will increase the chances of permanent relief from the problem.

Chiropractic Issues Healed By Soft Laser:

Different Chiropractic issues can easily heal with the help of soft laser therapy. These issues are:

  • Reduces the inflammation
  • Helps to generate more useful and new tissues in your body
  • Help to stimulate the function of the nerve system
  • Provide you with relief from unceasing and severe pain
  • Increase the speed of blood circulation, quality, supply and the strength of tactile to repair the used tissues of your body.
  • Promote the healing of wounds and formation of a clot in the fastest possible ways
  • Motivate the power of resistance in the whole system of your body
  • Increase the collagen and muscle tissues

Safe Treatment:

Most of the people ask that is this a safe treatment for Chiropractic Issues? Yes, it is completely safe and has no side effect. People are using this treatment for about twenty years all around the world.

Vityas laser therapy has a lot of benefits that help a patient to get relief in safe mode without any fear.

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Low-Level Laser Therapy – Conditions That It’s Used For

Low-Level Laser Therapy – Conditions That It's Used For

The Laser therapy is using the monochromatic light emissions from a low power laser. It is really helpful to treat many problems such as some wounds, degenerative, musculoskeletal injuries and many chronic conditions. This treatment increases the process of natural healing in your body.

A Great Deal of Relief:

There are many conditions that conventional therapies are inadequate. For these health issues, the low-level laser therapy provides a great deal of relief.  The condition for which the laser therapy is used are herniated discs, carpal tunnel syndrome, soft tissue injuries, spinal stenosis, fibromyalgia, tendinitis, ligament or tendon tears, bursitis and so on.

Some of the other conditions as well as illness include shingles, ulcers, arthritis, burns, and gout. It is a partial list of condition for which the low-level laser therapy is beneficial.

Benefit over Other Therapies:

For years therapies such as TENS and ultrasound have been used too much for pain relief treatment and to stimulate the healing process. These types of therapies bring disappointment for some people because they only help to tone down the symptoms but do not promote the process of natural healing.

Low-level laser therapy has a great benefit over other therapies that it is not harmful to the other tissues in your body. By using this low-intensity laser, the cells are not adversely impacted that are functioning normally in your body.

95% Cure Rate:

Using the low-level vityas or low-level laser therapy offers a lot of benefits to its patients that they cannot find in any other therapy.

It is a non-surgical and non-toxic procedure which is highly effective to give you relief from pain and to heal your body properly. Its cure rate is around 95% which have no harmful side effects.

Another positive effect of this therapy is that it will help to stimulate the immune system and also enhance the healing process, resulting in regeneration of tissues.

Smoking Cessation:

Some of the people think that the low-level laser therapy is only used for pain relief or healing purpose, but that’s not true. It is used for different problems smoking is one of them. Smoking cessation is another use of soft laser therapy.

A typical smoker may spend approximately 1/3 the amount they spend annually on the cigarettes to pay the cost of this type of therapy.

The laser treatment is applied to the very specific points such as hands, wrists, and ears that are associated with the addiction to nicotine. When this treatment is used for smoking cessation, you may need to take only one session. Other sessions will be recommended if needed.

Used To Treat Animals:

Low-level vityas is also used by the veterinarians to treat animals who are suffering from chronic pain or any other disease related to their age. The doctor will use this treatment for the reduction of inflammation as well as the promotion of healing in damaged tissues.

This treatment is also beneficial for the animals who are suffering with the joint disease, arthritis, post-surgical pain, degenerative and so on.

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Things You Should Know About Soft Laser Vityas for Chiropractic

Things You Should Know About Soft Laser Vityas for Chiropractic

There is new treatment in the field of chiropractic issue is the soft laser vityas. This technology has been using the form for 30 years. The doctors or medical specialist who is giving the treatment of Soft laser vityas for chiropractic are getting best results now a day.

The treatment used advanced technology for attacking the specific parts of your body that become a cause of all issues. It allows healing the affected areas of your body very quickly without any side effect.

The remedy process is unique for many different reasons.

Why People Prefer This Treatment:

Soft laser therapy has no requirement or condition like other surgeries and therapies that are required for invasive treatment.

It will not invade your body it will only penetrating through the layers of your muscles as well as your skin to approach the body cells. Recovery will not take a lot of time like other treatment.

That’s why people prefer this treatment a lot because they never need to wait for a long to get the results. But you make it will depend on the intensity of disease or wound. Sometime it will be important to take some session to get the proper relied on disease, pain or any other issue.

It is considered one of the best treatments for chiropractic that will help to provide 100% results.

Benefits of the Treatment for Chiropractic Issues:

There can be different benefits of the soft laser treatment for the Chiropractic Issues. These benefits are:

Trigger The Tightness Points:

Vityas soft laser is one of the best portable devices for the chiropractic Issues that can help to trigger the muscles and points tightness of your body easily. It will provide you with relief from anybody pain by directly affecting the musculoskeletal system.

After getting this treatment, most of the people started to feel a clear and positive change in them that will make them more active as well as healthy.

You may also start to feel the change after completing the first session of treatment.


Anti-Inflation Treatment:


The soft laser therapy is a great anti-inflammation treatment that will help you to reduce the swelling at the inflammation’s site because the system of cardiovascular, it can become a cause of vasodilation.

It is effective treatments for the people who are suffering from the severe issue of inflammation such as swelling and bruising that can in the result of sprained ankle and inflammation by arthritis.


Chiropractic Treatment:

As you, now that it is considered one of the best treatments nowadays. It will help to increase the functionality of the immune system. The rays of laser light will directly create an effect on the stimulation of the immune system of a patient such as an immunoglobulin and a lymphocyte. Again the rays of laser light will target the mitochondria cell that will help to stimulate the ATP’s production and the energy of your body.

That’s why people prefer this treatment a lot.

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Benefits of Portable Quantum Therapy

Vityas portable Quantum therapy soft laser uses to put the radiation energy in your living cells as well as skin cells.

It produces the low-intensity rays of laser light that stimulate the metabolic activity of the skin cells. This stimulation is really helpful to activate the restoration process and the function of life.

Benefits of Portable Quantum Therapy

The laser light of portable Quantum reduces the bloating of tissues, boost the microcirculation and stimulate the forming of neutrophilic hurdle and monocytic for the bacterial chemicals formulation. It helps to avoid the different effects of restoration.

After contacting with the different metabolism‘s characteristic changes in the cells including glycolysis boosting, Improvement of mitochondrial energy, development reduction of free radicals, active ATP synthesis, boost activity of the respiratory enzymes and boosting the organism to adverse influences resistance as well.


Inside the impact of portable quantum therapy, the physical remedies are the best foundation for the movement of photons interacts with the subject’s substances and atoms.

The photon’s electromagnetic energy changes the energy of bonding atoms and other substance with the help of photosynthesis which is the foundation of quantum treatment.

The medical studies defined the degrees of therapeutic dosages of the laser energy as well as the results of quantum for the ranges of different age.

The doctor uses the intensity of laser lights according to the different varieties of diseases.

Benefits Of Portable Quantum Therapy:

Vityas portable Quantum therapy soft laser has many useful benefits. Here we are going to discuss some important benefits of this device that will help to know more about it.

Quick Healing:

It is a quick healing process you do not wait for a long time to take any other treatments or medications required for the healing.

This treatment helps you for the quick healing within a few days or weeks. It is also considered as an essential factor that becomes the cause of its popularity. That’s why people prefer this treatment instead of taking any other treatment.

Painless Treatment:

Another reason for the popularity of this treatment is that it is painless and has no side effect. Most of the people feel fear from the pain that they think to feel during other treatments. That’s why they choose the portable quantum therapy instead of any other treatment.

Cost Effective:

After the innovation of portable laser devices and technology, this treatment is a cost-effective way of treatment because the patient does not need to take more medicine or to wait to get an appointment.

Portable Device:

Portability is another benefit of this treatment that will help you to complete your treatment at your doctor’s clinic or your home. Most of the manufacturer offers the laser for treatment with its great feature of portability.

Secure Way Of Treatment:

This treatment is not containing on any side effect on your skin as well as your body. That’s why people prefer this treatment without any fear of side effect, pain or any other issues. The radiation dosage given to the patients is also secure.

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Vityas Low Level Laser Therapy – Get Benefits

Vityas Low Level Laser Therapy – Get Benefits

Low-level laser therapy is also known as cold laser therapy. It is a strategy of treatment that utilizes a specific wavelength for the treatment of different health issues. It is used for the purpose of healing, treat the patients who are suffering from different acute and chronic condition and helps to

  • Swelling
  • Eliminate the pain
  • Reduce the spams
  • Increase the functionality

How Vityas Low-level therapy works?

Vityas Low-level laser therapy is a very popular way of healing the wounds and repairing damage cells in your body.  These devices are used in different clinics that are placing directly on the diseased or injured areas for 30 or more minutes. It depends on the intensity of disease or injury that how much times it will take for treatment. It is a great device having the size of a flashlight and is used in the different situation of medical issues.

Action’s Mechanism:

The laser light of this device works by emitting the non-thermal photons that cross the different layers of your skin or under your skin’s fats tissue. The light of laser device is very efficient and can pass about 2 to 5 cm inside the skin with 90mw and 830 nm as well.

As the light of laser device will penetrate into your skin and start contacting with the cells that will consist of the elements of light sensitivity. This process is just similar to the process of photosynthesis available in the plants. As you know that the plants absorb the sunlight and then convert this light into energy. The laser light also works in same manners.

Just like different cycles of metabolism in your body, laser light induces a set of chemical reactions in the cells that will help to reduce the different type of disease situations such as

  • Pain
  • Edema
  • Injured Tissues
  • Inflammation

So the reaction’s induction provides positive results and person can get relief from any kind of pain in his or her body.

Benefits for Different Diseases:

Vityas Low-level laser therapy is the best device for the treatment of different diseases just like

  • Knee pain issue
  • Neck pain issue
  • Back Pain Issue
  • Arthritis Problem
  • Fibromyalgia problem

For all of the above-given diseases, laser therapy is best to get the relief.

Chose Low-Level Laser Device Depending On Use:

Vityas Low-level laser therapy is used for various purposes. They are different types which make it easier to choose from a variety of depending on the use. These devices are also very easy to understand because all of the instructions are elaborated on its packing. You can get it easily and at affordable prices. It can be used for the people of any ages because it has no side effects on health.

Advanced Features of Low-Level Laser Vityas:

It is used by the practitioners that have some advanced features helps them to perform a special treatment of a patient. They are operated in a different mode and in the medical institutes, they considered really useful. This device automatically perform many functions

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