Сold lasers for home use.

Vityas cold lasers for home use“Vityas” – A multi-purpose cold laser

Cold lasers are used for therapy which is often called as low-intensity therapy, or low-power laser therapy. These types of lasers don’t heat up the skin tissues as they use low level of light to stimulate heating.

For healing the pain and managing the conditions at cellular level cold lasers for home use provide the most advanced laser technology.

Price Comparison:

Different laser companies claim to give the output by their lasers actually don’t give. Some actually use non-laser LEDs and make claims boldly about what their product can do.

-          “Vityas” is one of the cold lasers for home use that doesn’t use money for advertising and hence made their product available and affordable to a wider audience.

-          Selling at just $161 in the market, it is a light-weight device with just 0.4 kg and is a “class 1m” device.

-          Whereas its counterpart “TerraQuant LS50 class 1m”, selling at a huge price of $5995, due to spending much on the advertising and marketing of the product. This is the reason why customer has to overpay for the same product that is already available at a cheaper cost.

-          Our company serving “Vityas” keep your money for you.

cold laser vityas vip

Price: $161USD + Free shipping!
Buy cold laser Vityas — Kit Vip

Authenticity of the Product:

“Vityas” successfully underwent its clinical tests at various research institutes like Scientific-Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics and various others. Due to its efficiency and operating safety it has been recommended into medical practice.

What can or can’t be treated?

Low-level light is directly applied to the problem area, which leads to a biological or chemical reaction to near infrared light as the tissue absorbs it. Physiological reaction that takes place thereafter will help promote regeneration of cells.

For treating superficial tissue, wavelengths between 600 and 700 nanometers are used and between 780 to 950 nm are used for deeper penetration.

For the whole family cold lasers for home use act as a convenient medium to achieve a better and long lasting result in case of acupuncture, wound healings or sprains.

-          Inflammation – For treating inflamed tissues inside the mouth and for healing ulcers, dentists use cold lasers.

-          Acupuncture – People who are uncomfortable with needles or other pointy objects for acupuncture, cold laser therapy is used by them. Low-level laser beams without piercing the skin, simulate the acupoints in similar fashion as needles do.

-          Aches and Pains – Low-intensity laser therapy is beneficial for those people who suffer from chronic pain.

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