About Cold laser therapy

The low-intensity laser therapy is named as Cold laser therapy. It is a kind of laser therapy where healing is done using very low level of stimulation. Like surgical laser, it causes no heating up of the tissues. This therapy sometimes is called LLLT (low level laser therapy), or LPTL (Low Power Laser Therapy).

About Cold laser therapy

How the Therapy works?

The therapy is applied directly to the affected areas. Then the tissue absorbs the light. The damaged cells are regenerated in the form of physiological reaction. Depending on the purpose of the treatment, the different wavelengths are used. For example, in order to treat the minor tissues 6-7 hundred nanometers of wavelength is necessary. On the other, 780 to 950 are needed for thicker penetration.

In the course of the treatment the affected people feel the device on the skin surface, not the heat or warmth, vibration or sound. Even, it is absolutely pain free and noninvasive. In most cases, one sitting of treatment completes within a few minutes.

Who uses the Therapy?

The medical professionals of different branches, such as, Dentists, Physical Therapists use this therapy in a number of ways. It mainly repairs the tissues and respites the sufferers from the pain and inflammation.

The Fields of Medication where the Cold Laser used

The therapy proves to be very much effective in different fields of medications, though the primary focus of this therapy is on tissue repairing; it is applied to cure other disorders also. These are:

Minor Injuries and Strain

The practitioners of sports and physical therapy use Cold laser therapy to treat minor sprains and injuries.  It also helps lessen the pain of inflammation, and supports the healing of the soft tissues and joint pains.


The therapy also used by the dentist to elevate the swollen tissues inside the mouth in order to mend the ulcer in the mouth. The inflammations that are caused by other diseases, such as arthritis, are treated by cold laser very successfully.


The clinics that provide relief use this method of therapy. It is a very safe method that produces no side effect, but a good relief to the sufferer. The massage therapy, very often, proves to be a therapeutic massage.

Skin Upgrading

For the skin rejuvenation, cold laser is very much effective. A lot of skin specialists have made the therapy as their medium of treatment to treat a number of skin disorders, such as burns, rashes, inflammation etc.

Healing of Wound

The therapy is very useful for treating even the toughest wounds that are very difficult to heal. The scar or wounds that arise from high glucose levels also can be treated with cold laser.


The laser therapy is a great substitute for acupuncture. People, who don’t feel comfortable with needles, accept this treatment.  The beam of laser can kindle the points of acupressure. Without perforating the skin, this therapy cures diseases very easily.

The Bottomline

There is a limitless prospect of cold laser therapy. It is anticipated that in future, the therapy is going to be the best treatment for spinal injury and even brain injury. Also the system of degenerative diseases gets cured.  The researchers of the recent times are looking for using the therapy in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, among other illnesses.

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