About cold laser therapy

What is LLLT?

In what force of cold laser Vityas?

Vityas painless cold laser treats and helps cope with the disease at home and in hospitals. A large number of diseases effectively cured by magnetic laser exposure .

What is a cold laser?

Cold laser Vityas — a device invented by effective development of modern therapeutic medicine. Cold Laser Vityas treats the human body at the same time three effects : red laser light and infrared ( heat ) , and the magnetic field . The device Vityas nicely in the hand , is lightweight and easy to use. Cold Laser Vityas can work anywhere : in the car, in your home, in the countryside — as a universal power supply.

How can treats a cold laser Vityas?

Light laser diode cold laser treats Vityas healing radiation of the solar spectrum . It’s red and infrared (invisible ) light. The magnetic field, which creates a cool laser Vityas , equal to the magnetic field of our planet. The energy level cold laser is 10 times less than the natural rate of solar energy on Earth. This is the optimal level of energy to self-repair of the human body .

 treats and cold laser Vityas

Why treat a cold laser Vityas?

Therapeutic effect is due to the natural right of selected types of radiation exposure device Vityas . Red laser light and invisible infrared light, as well as the magnetic field cold laser Vityas positively affect cells. To the exclusion of other radiation that resist effectiveness of this intervention . Magnetic field Vityas cold laser amplifies the effect , since it facilitates the absorption of radiant energy .
It takes only a few minutes to affect a cold laser is self Vityas and normalization of metabolic processes in cells and tissues for the next day. Several treatment sessions help convalescence .
The techniques of therapeutic effects cold laser developed and passed thousands of positive tests in medical research institutes , hospitals, and helped hundreds of thousands of people.

What diseases treats cold laser Vityas?

The list of diseases that can be treated with cold laser Vityas wide and comes complete with a medical laser. More than 200 diseases , including various injuries , skin diseases, diseases of ENT , dentistry , gynecology , proctology , and in therapy.

What other opportunities has a cold laser Vityas?

According to the cold laser treatment does not cause allergic reactions. Increases the efficiency of the use of drugs , reducing drug dosage and duration of treatment with them. Cold Laser Vityas helps carry out the procedure in patients with reduced mobility in the clinic and at home .

Is it difficult to use a cold laser Vityas?

Very simple and clear. For each disease, in the » Methodical instructions for use » is a simple choice of mode of action and the time of exposure , depending on the age of the patient and the form of the disease . Total cold laser Vityas has 5 modes of action.

use a cold laser Vityas

How to work with a cold laser Vityas?

( include laser, choose the mode of the laser affect the cold laser, switch the unit off )

To work with a cold laser Vitias simple:

- Turn on the laser power adapter into a power outlet or cigarette lighter socket in the car. Cold Laser Vityas has a universal power adapter that allows you to use the laser in any part of the world .
- Before going to the operating mode of the machine cold laser Vityas in 5 seconds holding mode of self-control and self-test , which verifies that both lasers are OK ;
- << And >> buttons to select a treatment regimen ;
- Check the radiator cold laser treatment over the place , and press the START button to start treatment in the automatic mode ;
- After a session of exposure disconnect the unit from the mains.

cold laser vityas zoom photoHas the Laser Vityas clinical medical tests?
Before mass production of cold laser has passed professional tests . These are technical , sanitary and medical clinical trials in many hospitals for a long time. The tests positive effect was seen . As a result, cold laser Vityas received certificates in many countries around the world .

Cold Laser Vityas has a certificate?

On a cold laser device Vityas certificates of conformity of the Republic of Belarus , the Russian Federation and Ukraine. Cold Laser Vityas successfully passed the audit for compliance with ISO 13485 and has received the CE certificate .

Are there any contraindications to the use of cold laser device Vitias?

Yes, in the application of the device there are contraindications to minimize the maximum possible damage to the body.
o Pregnancy ;
o convulsive status ;
o Diseases of the mind ;
o The feverish state ;
o Renal , hepatic failure , circulatory failure , respiratory failure ;
o heavy endocrine pathologies , such as insulin-dependent diabetes , etc.;
o Severe blood diseases ;
o Oncology ;
o Urinary stone and gallstone disease
These contraindications for the use of cold laser is relative , because in each of these states , there are treatment methods LHE laser action.
If in doubt you should consult your doctor .

Can a cold laser Vitias cause harm to the body in overdose of exposure?
Overdose effects , as noted physicians, reduces the effectiveness of the therapeutic effect due to exhaustion of cells and tissues. But the damage can not be applied , since the levels of exposure correspond to natural levels of sunlight on Earth.

Cold laser Vityas has advantages over other similar laser devices?
Yes. There is a cold laser for medical institutions have complex modes of action . They have high levels of laser radiation, which categorizes them by laser hazard class #3 . The use of such devices is allowed only in special cabinets medical institutions under the supervision of a specialist. Cold Laser Vityas is safe for laser hazard class and has #1 , which is confirmed by hygienic tests. Use of cold laser Vityas does not require special skills. In our device minimized the number of modes , but the dose of exposure correspond to similar devices medical institutions.

In the cold laser Vityas simultaneously affect three light: red laser light , infrared ( invisible ) radiation and magnetic field. Selecting and running regimen , the user can only move the transmitter on the points specified in the manual. Cold Laser Vityas automatically counts down the time to the point of impact , turn off the light and signals a transition to the next point . Then turn back on itself , providing all the treatment session .

Why do we need a special apparatus , if a similar revitalizing effect can be achieved by simply soaking up the sun?
Really beneficial effect of sunlight on living tissues has been found in ancient times and was called phototherapy .
In-depth studies have found that the best therapeutic effect is achieved for certain wavelengths of the solar spectrum. The effectiveness of treatment is significantly reduced as the number of components of the wave spectrum and doses in excess exposure to light.
High efficiency due to cold laser Vityas monochromatic laser waves of energy and dosage of treatment the patient receives radiation in any situation and at any time convenient to him .

Cold laser Vityas CERTIFICATES:

Cold laser Vityas CERTIFICATESCold laser Vityas CERTIFICATES

Cold laser Vityas CERTIFICATESCold laser Vityas CERTIFICATES

We hope that the cold laser Vityas will help you say goodbye to all diseases.

Always be healthy!

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