Acute forms of pulpitis: Acute focal pulpit, Acute diffuse pulpitis, Acute suppurative pulpitis

Acute pulpitis occurs most often in a closed cavity of a tooth and appears suddenly appear and disappear pain, which intensified under the influence of various stimuli. This type of pulpitis is divided into the following forms of its manifestation:

Acute focal pulpit — the initial form of the disease, in which inflammation is localized in the uppermost part of the tooth. Toothache, which causes the pulpit, there is under the influence of external stimuli, and does not go after their elimination. Attacks last 10 — 20 minutes with an interval of several hours. The patient can define an aching tooth, part of the reason this type of pulpitis is called focal.

Acute diffuse pulpitis — the next stage of the disease, which occurs within 1 — 2 days after the onset of acute focal pulpit. Inflammation covers the entire coronal portion of the pulp, and then goes on the root. Here, the pain manifest in the form of spontaneous seizures lasting several hours and worsens at night. People are very difficult to calculate what specific tooth makes him suffer, as the pain can be given in the jaw, temple, ear or head. Acute pulpitis lasts from 2 to 14 days.

Acute suppurative pulpitis is a consequence of time untreated diffuse pulpitis. Inflammation increases and is accompanied by severe spontaneous pain that virtually unabated. Heat can intensify pain and cold, on the contrary, to reassure. Sometimes purulent pulpitis accompanied by fever.

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