Application of Cold Laser in Performing Therapies

Modern technology has been embraced in different fields but one of the areas it has brought great improvement is the medical field. There are various equipment, which are used in our medical facilities currently, and we are expecting advancement because every day is a learning day. Scientist never sleep, they are always trying to find easier and effective ways of treating patients. The invention of laser equipment is a plus to the researchers because a lot can be achieved for example therapies of different types. The use of cold laser has been tested and approved by medical practitioners in relief of pain and improving healing process to casualties.

When performing therapies, the cold laser is known to relief pain, quicken healing, and promote recovery by preventing re-occurrence of wounds. The use of cold laser Vityas is very effective in speeding up the healing process of normal inflammation. The cold laser, which does not produce heat, penetrates deep and enhance blood flow, stimulate immunity and promotes repair of the affected part of the body .An innovative technology called photobiostimulation is usually used with cold laser therapy to painlessly rejuvenate skin and curb hair problems such as hair loss. It is also used to treat acne, pigmentation and reduce scars on the body.

Application of Cold Laser in Performing Therapies Clinical studies reveals that cold laser does not only relief pain but also goes deep into the skin and promotes healing process. So far, it is the only type of laser known to penetrate deep into the skin, which help the body to generate new cells, increase collagen, and strengthen tissues .Research shows that the wavelength has capability of penetrating up to 5 cm and this enables the tendons, ligaments and muscle tissues to be reached painlessly. Cold laser is therefore a choice to many who would like to go through a drug free and painless process. It is also known to be effective when other kinds of therapies are not applicable and you need quick recuperation.

Cold laser therapy consists of short and painless sessions. It only takes five minute for the whole body to be covered whereby each part takes at most 1.5 minutes. According to reviews by patient, there are only a few cases reported of stimulation of nerves. The only feeling that has been reported is slight warmth, painless pulses and laser tip make contact with your skin. When treating chronic conditions, it takes a long time to feel any positive change unlike the common therapies, which yield fruits immediately.

When dealing with some conditions such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Migraine headaches, low back pain, post-surgical pain, tendinitis, fibromyalgia among other conditions, cold laser has played a major role in temporarily relieving pain. The process of reducing pain is achieved through increased endorphins on the affected tissue and normalizing the nerves to stop pain. The healing of tissues is also achieved through simulation of lymphatic system, improving histamine and serotonin production and promotion of circulation. Cold laser is normally used by professional athletes to carry out therapy during injuries .This is because it strengthens the injured part unlike the normal healing process and is also faster to recover. The cost of the therapy depends on the intense of the injury and the time required. Therefore, cold laser is the way to go when in need of laser therapy.

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