1.4 Arthritis, radial wrist joint Arthrosis and Cold Laser therapy.

Diagnosis of carpal syndrome ( carpal ) channel. The disease manifests itself by pain on the palmar surface of the wrist , accompanied by numbness , tingling , pain and other sensations in the 1 — 4 fingers — those which carries innervation of the median nerve . Initially, these phenomena may be of a transitory nature , later to become permanent , often worse at night , harassing the patient.

Treatment of carpal syndrome ( carpal ) channel. The disease is treated together with the neurologist . Usually prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs ( Voltaren , movalis etc.) internally and locally , B vitamins, niacin , physiotherapy. Good effect to bring the blockade diprospanom .

Conservative therapy is effective only during the initial stages of the disease. At later stages in surgery — squeezing nerve dissection of the fibrous ring .

Osteoarthritis of the wrist joint — is quite rare , mainly after injury ( post-traumatic arthrosis) . Symptoms, treatment — both osteoarthritis and other joints.

Wrist joint arthritis — an inflammatory disease , is a manifestation of many conditions — rheumatoid arthritis, reactive arthritis , gout , etc.

Diagnosis of arthritis of the wrist joint . The main manifestation is joint pain , swelling . Often in the joint is slight redness , sometimes — morning stiffness . The clinical picture can be quite varied, depending on the cause of arthritis. When X-ray changes may not be. In analyzes — increased erythrocyte sedimentation rate , C-reactive protein ( this is typical for all arthritis ) . Arthritis caused by a particular disease , other factors may change (increase in blood uric acid in gout , increased rheumatoid factor in rheumatoid arthritis , etc.).

Arthritis of the wrist joint — depends on the cause . In acute arthritis, regardless of the reason (except purulent arthritis ) , used non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs ( Voltaren , movalis , Celebrex , etc.). According to the testimony make the blockade of glucocorticoid hormones ( diprospan , kenalog ) . Wire and other treatment , depending on the cause of arthritis.

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