Buy Cold Laser to Stop Smoking

Do you believe that there is one of a great treatment that can help you to stop smoking without any pain? The Quantum Brain healing recommends the cold laser theory, detoxification and herbs to successfully manage with the nicotine and with the other substance abusers as well.

How Does This Work?

The laser treatment of the Luminex medical grade class IIIB uses a laser therapy with a device that helps to focus the beam to that of a slightly larger as compared to the pinpoint to utilize several acupuncture points on the ear of a patient. There are more than 70 points of the ear that are used to auricular as well as for the ear acupuncture. There are also several points which are used on every patient and maybe some additional point is added just for  a specific need of your patient.  To buy cold laser device for use at home will help you to get rid of many problems.

What Happens To The Patient And Does It Hurt?

The doctor who treats their patients with laser uses the beams of cold laser therapy and they focus on the organ points on the ear of a patient. They don’t use any needle or any other instrument to provide relief to their patients. These auricular acupuncture points include the mouth, zero point, large intestine brain, kidney, lungs, and spleen as well. The nicotine that point on your have should also be treated with a specific point on the form your bottom foot which is related to your kidney.

The nicotine point on the hand should also be treated, along with a point on the bottom of the foot related to the kidney (K1). This treatment not hurt the patients like any other laser treatment and they start to heal quickly.

How Does This Laser Therapy Work?

The laser light might become a cause the body to release neurotransmitters and endorphins. Both of the endorphins and neurotransmitters help the patient to calm down and feel relax while reducing the craving of nicotine and the withdrawal symptoms. This therapy can also improve your sleeping pattern and reduce the sleeping disorder that may arise for some patients who are going through smoking cessation. It will also make you feel relaxed, happy and reduce the level of stress as well.

Why People Prefer It To Get Rid Of Smoking?

As you know that the cold laser theory is also considered the best treatment to get rid of smoking in an efficient way. Most of the patient prefer this way of treatment because in this therapy there is no chance of any dangerous side effect will help you to come back to your normal life in the shortest time period. As compare to any other laser therapy the cold laser therapy start healing in just few sessions. IF you don’t want to go anywhere at doctors clinic then you can also buy cold laser device to treat yourself at home but for this, you want to get some knowledge about the points that you need to target for this treatment.

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