Cervical erosion. Causes of cervical erosion. The symptoms of cervical erosion. Diagnosis of diseases of the cervix.

Cervical erosion

Causes of cervical erosion:

earlier onset of sexual activity, frequent change of sexual partners;
genital infections and inflammatory diseases of the female genital (HPV, herpes, chlamydia, ureaplasmosis, trichomoniasis, gonorrhea, vaginal dysbiosis, etc.);
traumatic exposure (abortion, mechanical damage, surgery, childbirth, etc.);
hormonal and immune disorders (disturbance in hormonal levels — ovarian dysfunction, endocrine disease, weakened immunity);
physiological or «innate» cervical erosion that occurs in young women under 25 years, with a tendency to self-healing.

The symptoms of cervical erosion.

In most cases, cervical erosion rarely manifests itself clinically, and often such a diagnosis is a godsend during gynecological examination.

But it so happens that patients treated themselves to a gynecologist with complaints of bleeding not associated with menstruation, especially after intercourse. Women may disturb symptoms such as pain during intercourse and muco-purulent discharge. The latter is due to the fact that erosion joins inflammatory disease that greatly worsens the course of the disease.

Diagnosis of diseases of the cervix.

At the first visit, after a visual inspection, a gynecologist may diagnose «Cervical erosion«. However, a visual inspection is not always enough to ensure the correctness of his judgment and determine the tactics of treatment, you must perform a number of diagnostic measures:

inspection in the mirrors on the gynecological chair;
screening for infection, sexually transmitted infections (PCR tests for chlamydia, ureaplasma and myco, gardnerelu, Trichomonas, human papilloma virus, herpes);
cytology material from the cervix — oncocitology;
colposcopy — involves the inspection of the cervix with an optical device that allows a few times to zoom. This procedure is absolutely painless for the patient;
Cervical biopsy — a small piece of a fence made of cervical tissue, which allows a detailed study to establish the final diagnosis.

Such a complex diagnostic procedures enables the physician to establish an accurate diagnosis and develop the necessary tactics of treatment of the patient.

How to treat cervical erosion disease?

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Cervical erosion. Causes of cervical erosion. The symptoms of cervical erosion.

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