Chronic tonsillitis. How to treat chronic tonsillitis disease?

Chronic tonsillitis — a chronic inflammation of the tonsils.

Causes of disease chronic tonsillitis

In fact, in the tonsils inflammation occurs constantly — this is their function. But sometimes the tonsils protective resources are unable to cope with the infection and inflammation then torn out of control, turning into a serious disease — tonsillitis.

The acute form of tonsillitis — sore throat. Undertreated sore throat often becomes chronic tonsillitis. Conversely, exacerbation of chronic tonsillitis lead to an outbreak of tonsillitis. If a person has strep throat every year or several times a year, then it is most likely chronic tonsillitis.

Sometimes chronic tonsillitis may develop, even if the person is not sick and sore throat. This is possible if there is a source of infection that can affect the tonsils for quite a long time, for example — untreated caries or chronic sinusitis.

Main symptoms:

Sore throat when swallowing, especially in the morning; gain (or appearance) of such pain when swallowing cold food or liquid.

Discomfort when swallowing, sensation of a foreign body in the throat.

Does not reduce over time temperature.


Fatigue, sweating, malaise.

The inflammatory process in the tonsils can spread to adjacent organs, and then the person may complain of nasal congestion, sore throat, dry cough, and these secondary symptoms may be prevalent.

Chronic tonsillitis may also complain of pain in the joints (knee, elbow, carpus), especially in the evening and at change of weather, volatile heart pains, palpitations without physical exertion, pain in the lumbar region. The ECG can be detected arrhythmia and tachycardia.

Such symptoms — a serious cause for concern, since they may be accompanied by the development of severe autoimmune diseases of the kidneys, heart, nervous system, is a complication of tonsillitis. This occurs when the inflammation of the tonsils leads to malfunction of the immune system; as a result develop antibodies, but not to the causative agent of the disease, as it should be, but to the heart muscle tissue of the joints and connective tissue. Upset body’s defense system tries to destroy the organism.

Insidious chronic tonsillitis is also in the fact that it can also occur without obvious symptoms. In this case, between the flashes of angina people on what not complain, though in the tonsils remains the focus of inflammation.

How to treat tonsillitis disease?

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Tonsillitis. Causes of tonsillitis. Symptoms of tonsillitis. Cold laser Vityas

How to treat tonsillitis disease - cold laser Vityas

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