Cold Laser for Chiropractic to repair and to cure damaged cell faster

Cold Laser for Chiropractic to repair and to cure damaged cell faster

People at the beginning of the laser therapy had been very much cynical about Cold Laser for Chiropractic. They could hardly believe that mere shining a light at the specific point of the body can heal a person. They considered it absolutely absurd. But, the people’s view began to change with the immense benefits they began to receive. They could understand the benefit of the treatment. Even some, who took the treatment on the trial basis for a short period of time, got a surprising result.

Today there are lots of Chiropractic Centers all over the world. They are offering ideal laser healing as an addition to chiropractic concern. It doesn’t replace the treatment, but is a great addition to it.

The function of Cold Laser Therapy

The Cold Laser Therapy  is a mechanism of Low Level Laser Therapy. It significantly helps to reduce pain, inflammation, swelling and on the other hand hastens up the healing process, at the same time as intensification of the damaged tissue.  The invisible spectrum of light magnify and control the energy.

The therapeutic laser provides the amount of electro-magnetic emission of the energy that can reach to the tissues 2” beneath the  surface of the skin. This process delivers energy and curative light into the injured cells, so the process of repairing and curing really go faster.

The duration of the treatment

The duration of the treatment may vary from 5 minutes to 20 minutes. The health providers give 8-15 minute treatments  according to the intensity of the problem as evaluated. But the immediate relief of the pain doesn’t mean the complete healing. So, it  is always imperative to complete the course of the treatment. It will ensure the chances of long term remedial success.

The Chiropractic problems healed by Cold Laser

  • Relieves severe and unceasing pain
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Promotes  clot formation and wound healing in the fastest possible ways
  • Helps  to generate new and useful tissues
  • Helps in increasing muscle and collagen tissues
  • Stimulates the function of the nerve
  • Motivate the resistant power of the whole body system
  • Increases the supply of blood and the speed, quality and tactile strength to repair the tissues.

Some frequently ask questions

Is cold Laser Safe?

Yes! It is completely safe. People have been using the cold-laser for about twenty  years all across the world. There are enough evidences in support of the effectiveness of the treatment. A lot of clinical investigations and scientific research papers support the safety of the therapy.

Hundreds of clinical studies and scientific papers have documented the effectiveness and safety of this therapy.  Food and Drug Administration (FDA) already accepted the laser device in the US.

Is the fixation of the therapy temporary?

The effect of the treatment varies according to the variation of the severity of the disease. Some people get immediate results and others might need extended days of treatment. If the laser treatment benefits one early or later, depends upon the severity.

How is it recognized that it is working?

During the course of therapy, the people feel the drop of the symptoms. Others report relief of pain gradually. The therapy doesn’t invoke any side effect.

Laser is a useful linear  to the chiropractic care. Call the health center stating your convenient time and fixed an appointment.

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