Cold Laser Treatment for Arthritis

Cold Laser Treatment for Arthritis


Arthritis is the condition that influences the musculoskeletal system, it influences the joints.

It’s one of the primary reasons behind disability among the elderly; it is additionally seen in people over 55 to 60 years old. The most frequent type of joint disease is Osteoarthritis (OA) and the next most common disease of joint is Arthritis rheumatoid.

Furthermore, there are a few additional types of joint disease that are spreading most commonly between the early age people. The problem is the effect of a malfunction in many elements of any joint.


Its symptoms can be severe pain in joint parts, tenderness when pressure is put on the joint, inflamed and swollen joints, unusual rigidity in the joint, etc. Inside the rheumatoid condition, for example there may be trends of lumps of tissue under your skin

  • The Arthritis Symptom includes

-              Fatigue.

-              Joint pain.

-              Joint tenderness.

-              Joint swelling.

-              Joint redness.

-              Joint warmth.

-              Joint stiffness.

-              Reduction of joint flexibility.


After ongoing research It is our bad luck that there continues to be no cure. Coping with arthritis can hurt, but there are several treatment options open to lessen its negative effect on your lifestyle. Apart from approved medications, mainly painkillers, recently developed laser remedy can be considered a good solution for treatment.


Laser Skin Treatment for Arthritis Work:

Laser remedy for arthritis lessens the inflammation and swelling. It can be cover by increasing blood circulation and overall blood flow to the malfunctioned area. In addition, laser remedy helps the skin cells find their chemical type balance. Therefore, the skin cells reenergize and start to heal. By natural means, the ligaments, tendons and muscles having a fresh support system, which lessens a great deal of pain.


Laser Devices:

Laser beam devices can be split into four classes:

  • Class I
  • Class II
  • Class III
  • Class IV


Difference of Devices:

The difference between the four classes is the quantity of power they emanate. The Class IV is a high-powered remedy device which range from 6 W to 10W. Since this electric power is much greater than cold laser remedy, the penetration of the Class IV Laser beam system is recommended over its counterparts.

Class IV laser beam remedy is conducted in outpatient wards and is also a non-invasive and pain-free procedure as well. Because it is an advanced, FDA approved, convenient, incredibly effective and a quickly gathering popularity


Benefits of Laser Skin Treatment for Arthritis:

The use of laser skin treatment for Arthritis is getting common day by day. There are some benefits of using this treatment

  • it provides increased cells penetration.
  • Laser remedy is not only effective; it is rather safe as well and doesn’t have any side results.
  • The Benefit of utilizing a Class IV laser beam is that it is having a faster restoration time, more peaceful muscles, improved muscle activity, increased blood flow, fair reduced amount of irritation, the regenerate the nerve skin cells and increase joint flexibility.
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