Cold Laser Vityas — An Overview Of Different Cold Laser Classes

There are a few other things which you should consider such as the quality of the training. You should also consider the literature for support of the unit, and also the library protocol. In most cases, the home users look for ease of use and the practitioners look for flexibility. 

Cold Laser Vityas - An Overview Of Different Cold Laser Classes

Where should you start?

The Class-4 Cold Laser

If you have a practice and treat the patients with the cold laser therapy, then you should look for purchasing the class 4 cold laser units. You should purchase the Nexus, Lumix or Aspen. These are the elite class cold laser units. These units treat the problem using a high power and high dosage of the laser. If you want to purchase the lasers under a low budget then consider Pilot Laser. Get the Apollo portable and desktop cold laser units if you want a simple unit but with more power. Among the above systems, only the Apollo is good for acupuncture. It has a pinpoint probe which works at 500mW.

The Class-3 Cold Laser

The best class 3 lasers are Avant LZ30x, LZ30z, and LZ30p. these are all portables. These units have great specs and beat other models such as Erchonia and ML830. Another excellent thing about these cold laser units is that they work with both the IR and the RED wavelengths. These lasers also have the CW and pulsing output. These lasers also have both the pinpoint and broad treatments.

Another great portable cold laser is PowerMedic Pro. If you want to perform acupuncture then this is the best choice. The Chattanooga Vectra Gensys desktop laser is only for professionals. You should get Powermedic and Avant lasers if you perform therapy on unattended treatments.

Class 1, 1m, and class 2 Cold lasers

Being a practitioner you must also look for safety. The TerraQuant lasers are the best choice if your priority is safety. The number of TerraQuant brand of lasers is more than all other brands combined. Although these are the low power lasers, they make use of the superpulsing technology.  With this, these units can reach the highest level of power attainable for treatment. The class 1 lasers use the same power as class 3b but are not dangerous for eyes as they use a focused laser. It can only harm the eyes if the laser is directed towards the eyes. The class 1 cold laser can be a hundred times stronger than the class-2 laser.


Performing acupuncture is not an easy task. If you are a professional then always use the professional lasers. If you want to use the units at home, then consider purchasing low power laser. Among many brands and categories of the cold laser units the best systems are the class 3 lasers and the class 1 lasers. The class 1m lasers are good for home use as they are less dangerous for the eyes. These lasers also have the better technology for using the power. The class 3 lasers are only for professionals such as the Avant and PowerMedic Pro series.

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