Cold Laser Vityas – Factor That Must Considered For Buying Best Laser

Cold Laser Vityas – Factor That Must Considered For Buying Best Laser

People find it difficult to purchase the cold lasers as there is a lot of conflicting information on the web relating to the specs and claims of these units. We at ColdLasers.Org will help you get a better understanding of various options.

According to FDA standards the cold manufacturers can sell the lasers for these three issues:

  • To reduce the inflammation
  • For pain control
  • to control the blood flow

These are not just the applications of the cold lasers but also the benefits. Almost 29% of the people in the USA are in pain all the time, it is why there is a wide range of cold lasers which are available for official and home use.

How to choose the Cold Laser for use in Home?

Here are a few factors which you should consider while choosing the cold laser.

Will you treat an animal or human?

To treat the animals with a cold laser you may not have to consider purchasing the FDA approved unit. It is important that you understand the standards and protocols to choose the cold laser to treat the humans. Always get the FDA approved the device.

The budget

The rule is you will get for what you pay. Purchasing the expensive units will give you more power and flexibility. These units will take less time and provide better results. It is not important to purchase the unit for treatment of small or minor injuries. Only spend money when you want to treat a large surface or the treatment which will take more time if not done through laser.  You must also consider purchasing inexpensive cold laser device if you plan to use it on daily basis. Only purchase the expensive unit with more power and large wavelength if you use it once or twice in a month.

Did you get results after trying the cold laser therapy?

Make sure that you try the therapy before purchasing it. Not all the devices are suitable for your problem. So, if you try the unit and it works, note down the manufacturer and model. Only purchase the cold laser unit that works on your body/tissue or muscles. It is the only way we can help you find a similar unit of cold laser. The best system is the class 4 unit. Also, make sure that you do not get a treatment with a low power system. Low power is the cold laser unit with power lower than 100mW.

How to use Cold Lasers at home?


  • Make sure that you do not get your eyes close to the laser. The class 4 and 3B lasers in the unit are harmful to eyes. Make sure you wear protection while using the cold laser.
  • You should not use apply the laser on the primary or secondary cuts/bruises.
  • You should also not use the cold laser over the uterus if you are pregnant.
  • It is also suitable to use the laser treatment over the stitches. You can also use it over the metal implants, plates, plastics, and pins.
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