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The device of quantum therapy — cold laser Vityas.
Device Vityas — a device for carrying out the procedures of quantum therapy. Quantum therapy (cold laser therapy) — it’s effects on the body by radiation with certain parameters, which has a direct effect on the diseased organs . Quantum Therapy — a new word in medicine , it allows you to achieve positive results quickly , and with no discomfort during the procedure.

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The device cold laser Vityas can be used in combination with drugs, in this case reduces the amount of necessary medicines and treatment time is significantly reduced . Due to the principles of quantum therapy , the device significantly improves the efficiency of Vityas medication.

The device of quantum therapy — cold laser Vityas.

Device Vityas: the principle of action

The impact of quantum radiation for medical purposes has been studied for half a century. The result of research and development of Russian scientists was the » Vityas» — a unique apparatus of quantum therapy (cold laser) , the effectiveness has been proven by numerous studies .
The cold laser device Vityas has an effect on the body by means of magnetic and electromagnetic fields with the specified parameters . The procedure is absolutely painless for the patient and does not cause discomfort.
Vityas cold laser operates under microprocessor control , which regulates the radiation intensity depending on the selected procedure. The processor allows for the automatic treatment , since when he follows the program set for each specific disease .
Device cold laser Vityas has a bracing effect , activates the recovery of the body , stimulates the immune system , relieves spasms of smooth muscles , eliminates pain and swelling , and normalizes the nervous system.
Simplicity and ease of handling the cold laser Vityas allows a wide range of professionals recommend it for independent use in the home.

Cold laser Vityas - Kit VIP

The device of quantum therapy — cold laser Vityas : The Benefits

• Wide range of indications for the use of the device ;
• A painless procedure comfortable ;
• Easy to use with the device ;
• The unit can be used as a cold laser Vityas in health care facilities , and independently by patients at home ;
• The unit Vityas — it is a safe and highly effective treatment for a wide range of diseases ;
• pre- programmed microprocessor allows you to choose a program that is best suited for treatment in a given situation ;
• The cold laser Vityas complex effect on the entire body , strengthens the immune system , normalizes metabolism ;
• Small size and compactness of the device ;
• The unit has a Vityas sound and light indication for the convenience of the procedure.

The device cold laser Vityas - Instructions
The device cold laser Vityas: indications for use
• Diseases of the Skin : dermatitis , ulcers , pressure ulcers ;
• Diseases of the musculoskeletal system : low back pain, arthritis , arthrosis , sciatica , varicose veins ;
• Diseases of the respiratory system : pneumonia , bronchitis , bronchial asthma;
• Diseases of the digestive system: cholecystitis , pancreatitis , gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer , biliary dyskinesia ;
• Injuries: fractures , bruises , sprains , open wounds , abrasions , sores ;
• Gynecology : menstrual irregularities , tenosynovitis , cervical erosion ;
• ENT disorders: rhinitis , sinusitis , otitis media , sinusitis , tonsillitis ;
• Dental toothache , periodontal disease , gingivitis , pulpitis ;
• Cosmetology: rejuvenation , anti -aging , skin regeneration ;
• Nervous system disorders : insomnia , migraine , stress , depression, neuralgia .
There are no absolute contraindications to the use of the apparatus cold laser Vityas.
In the presence of an implanted pacemaker, cancer patients and during pregnancy is allowed to use the machine under the control of the physician.
The device of quantum therapy — cold laser Vityas: Features
• Impacts:
the laser light in the red spectrum (5 mW , 650 nm)
pulsed infrared light (5 mW , 850 nm , 12500 Hz)
magnetic field (5-50 TL) ;
• Time machine Knight willingness to work: 5 seconds ;
• Power unit Power: 9.5 watts;
• The unit operates from Vityas:  110-220V, 50Gz ;
• Dimensions of the device : 240mm x 45mm x 64mm ;
• Safety class : 2, type B ( electrical ), B ( electromagnetic safety ), 1 ( Laser Safety ) ;
• Included with the apparatus of cold laser Vityas detailed guidance on how to use the CD-disc




cold laser vityas - kit portableCOLD LASER VITYAS - KIT Portable

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