Cold laser Vityas

Vityas Cold Laser Kit VIP for Independent Home Usage

Medical science has developed to a great extent in the latest time and gifted us with sophisticated devices and apparatus to make medical treatment easy.

cold laser vityas vip

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Cold laser Vityas is a medical device used for domestic medical requirements to recover from varied illness. It uses infrared rays, magnifying field and red laser light in the same time to treat various ailments. This device has been a replacement for many medical drugs and complicated surgeries. Cold laser Vityas is used in almost all renowned hospitals and nursing homes as a medical corrector.

Portable Kit of Cold laser Vityas

Vityas cold laser has been effective in treating more than 200 health problems in dermatology, dentistry and gynecology.

Cold Laser Vityas - Portable KitPrice:  $217 USD + free shipping!
Buy cold laser Vityas — Kit Portable

The device is best used for its painless application. The laser therapy can be used efficiently at home for prostate and ENT patients at ease. Vityas reduces the chemical synthesis between the mediators such as PGE₂ and Bradykinin, hence reducing the origin of any kind of inflammation in the patient’s body. Development in pain management has achieved a great milestone with this portable and simple medical device.

Cold laser Vityas works with the absorption of the radiant energy. The affected cells of ailment are targeted by the magnetic field of Vityas and thus cured. The processes is followed by a series of medical diagnosis and tests to detect the adaptability of the device by the sufferer. The series of clinical test trials determines the application of this therapeutic device.

 The device can be used on any patient irrespective of the age, sex and covers a wide range of ailments. However certain medical condition like pregnancy, cancer, convulsion, urinary stone, and renal failure should be handled with utmost care before using this laser device. People suffering from diabetes and on insulin injection should take proper medical consultation before using the device at home.

Cold laser Vityas for efficient quantum therapy

Cold laser Vityas works on the principals of quantum therapy or the cold laser therapy. The targeted body organs are directly radiated with the ascertained parameters. The recovery is thus fast and effective. The treatment, as discussed, will be extremely pain less. Used with a combination of drugs, Vityas cold laser device reduces the number of medicines and makes the treatment significant.

The efficiency of the medication with Vityas is improved with the effective quantum therapy. Patients can use this safe laser kit independently at home.

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