Effective Use of Cold Laser Vityas At Home

Laser therapy is now becoming a unique way of pain relief treatments. You do not need to go anywhere to take the therapy. A person can use a cold laser device at their home for the treatment of different pains. In order to take advantages of these devices it is very important to get proper knowledge about them. There are different models of Cold (soft) that are available in market. These models consist of various things that are.

  • Technology
  • Design
  • Power Output
  • Functionality
  • Customer Support (After Sales)
  • Cost

Do not compromise on the health issue because it is closely related to a patient and his or her health. So the person who wants to buy this health care instrument must consider some important things. It is really necessary to get the best product in the market with best results.

Effective Use of Cold Laser Vityas At Home

Suitable For Pain:

There are different models available in the market and used to trigger a specific part of your body pain. When you go to buy this device for you, must confirm the salesman that the device is suitable for which part of body pain?  You can also get an advice from a doctor before purchasing it.  The Cold (soft) Laser Vityas is very useful for the following purposes.

  • Arthritis
  • Stiffness
  • Minor joints or muscles pain
  • Muscles Spasm
  • Helps to improve circulation of blood
  • Promote the muscles relaxation

Specification of Its LED and Laser:

This is another important factor of purchasing a Cold (soft) Laser Vityas to use at home. You should consider the specification of the device or its LED and laser power. It is necessary to check that either the laser diode is available because the device consists only on Led will not give you any benefit. It will be useless for you, so the device should contain on both LED and laser simultaneously. The laser diode in the device work as a primary source of light and on the other hand LED is a synergistic source is with 635nm red LED as well as the 875nm of an infrared LE.

How Many Days The Pain Relief Treatment Last?

There are two main parts of the cold laser Vityas that is

  • Wavelength
  • Power

These both parts decide the time of treatment and the effective penetration. It is a best-specialized device that allows the penetration without producing any type of heating effects. It is programmed with an interval of 5 min.

Easy and Reliable To Use:

Its portability and reliability are two important parameters that a person should consider before purchasing the device. The approximate weight of portable cold laser vityas is 220g. It has great and long battery time and easy to carry with you, a person can take it with him or her easily. It is convenient to take with you when you are going for traveling. You can use at home without any problem but you must have full knowledge about your device to get the proper advantages of it. Use it carefully according to its interval time.

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