How is cold laser therapy effective?

Cold laser therapy

Cold laser therapy also known as low level laser therapy is the treatment strategy that utilizes the specific wavelengths for the treatment of various diseases and for the healing purpose.

How is cold laser therapy effective?

It is used alone as well as in combination with other therapies to get the beneficial effects.

Although the experiments and research are going on for this type of the treatment strategy, the information related to cold laser therapy is not complete yet but is considered as the good treatment option for various disease situations. The doctors and clinicians prefer this treatment line because of the fewer side effects and more positive pharmacological effects.

Benefits of cold laser therapy

It is considered beneficial because no incision or cut is required for the treatment. Simple light in the form of photons penetrate into the skin that provides the therapeutic effects, because of the procedure, the patient does not feel any pain and get the recovery in short time.

It has many advantages as compared to the medicines. It has few side effects and good for those who avoid taking oral medications or afraid of the parental route of therapy.

How is cold laser therapy effective?

The cold laser therapy has been in used since 1967 when the researchers published about 2500 clinical studies related t the cold laser therapy.

The studies proved that the therapy is effective in relieving the pain and the related symptoms like swelling and inflammation.

The clinicians performed these studies with small groups and after that with the large groups to properly investigate the effects and the benefits of the therapy.  The research was performed to study the proper dose as well the number of the treatments required during the course of the therapy.

The studies proved that the cold laser therapy is effective for the

  • Neck pain
  • Bone and joint pain
  • Back pain
  • All type of pains that do not interfere with the daily routine activities.

Contraindications of cold laser therapy

Like other treatments, some limitations for the cold laser therapy are also present. This is contraindicated in the situation like

  • Suspicious cancerous lesions
  • Carcinoma
  • Thyroid disease
  • It is contraindicated din pregnancy as the waves emitted from the laser light can provide harm to the fetus.
  • It should not directly irradiate towards eyes as it is harmful to the eyesight.

Cold laser therapy is not a single time treatment, the patient has to visit the doctor several times. Sometimes 8 to 10 visits are required to get the full recovery. The best property of this treatment is that as there is no incision or cut requirement during the treatment, the patient feels comfortable and relaxed during the time of the therapy. So the person suffering from different pain and is annoyed of the medications can prefer this therapy to get rid of irritating pain and inflammation that hurts him. The other beneficial property is that it has fewer side effects as compare to oral therapy.

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