How LLLT Is Beneficial For Pattern Hair Loss Treatment

In addition to oral hair treatment prescribing topical treatment such as finasteride or minoxidil, many hair repair treatment centers now offer Low Level Laser Therapy as a non-invasive as well as adjunct remedy pattern hair loss in both female and male.

How LLLT Is Beneficial For Pattern Hair Loss Treatment Purpose of Using LLLT

In medical studies, Low Level Light Therapy has been proven to promote the head scalps and boost the circulation of blood. On the main while time, it helps to improve the regeneration of tissues and cells in the skins for better hair growth.

These kinds of low level lasers used for scalp repair are also known as cold lasers because the light of these lasers are assimilated by the cells, there is no burning or cutting sensation and this kind of lasers do not cause heating the skin tissues, that other laser might do.

Based on the researchers and practical’s of ISHRS it is shown that in scientific studies with LLLT, 97% of patients show characteristics improvement of hair, hair loss stabilization as well as re-growth of hair.

Although in many other countries the researches are going on for clinical trials of this laser treatment. In 2007 January, the FDA gave ‘clearance’ for a kind of low level laser which help to control hair loss.

How Does It Work?

Laser treatment functions by providing light energy from infrared laser beam rays to destroyed cells.

The procedure between laser beam light and living cells is named photobiology. In this process, these photons get assimilated by the skin cells through laser treatment and induce the mitochondria to speed up development of adenosine triphosphate which converts it into adenosine diphosphate.

This biochemical process produces cell energy and provides essential nutrients and extra amount of oxygen to the head scalp, boost blood flow and transforms damaged cells to steady healthy cells.

Combination with Other Hair Treatments

Studies also show that LLLT is most reliable when found in conjunction with other medical remedies such as finasteride as well as minoxidil. Health professional survey that LLLT might boost hair regrowth and reduce irritation following a scalp transplant.

LLLT is not a single time treatment for pattern hair loss in female or male. Like many other medical solutions, this treatment must be repeated after specified interval for getting the hair regrowth outcomes.

Not absolutely all patients must have successful outcomes when cured with LLLT. Those who obtain the desired results will often have the minimum to medium level of hair loss or sometimes a little pattern balding.

Many treatment centers have large LLLT devices that match with hair dryers that are old-fashioned, but there are also some handheld LLLT devices that you can use for personal purpose.


At the end, I just want to state that as the ISHRS don’t show any negative outcomes of the low level laser treatment. Hence it is proved that this laser treatment is best for hair loss treatment. So consult with any doctor near you and treat your hair if you have any hair loss issue.

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