Laser Treatment — Facts about Different Type of Acne Laser Treatments

Laser Treatment - Facts about Different Type of Acne Laser TreatmentsCosmetic correctional treatment, normally known as cosmetic surgery, utilized lasers as a strong tool few years ago, so it’s not a new approach for people to use acne laser skin treatment. Laser skin for scars treatment are mostly used, and it’s a most safe process for prevention from acne development since it can burn the follicle sac as well as the sebaceous gland that help you reduce the P. Acnes bacteria.

About Acne Laser Skin Treatment


Acne laser skin treatment best for garden variety zits or acne alternatively than with non-inflammatory acne e.g. whiteheads and blackheads. It is because skin lasers use the process of agitating the porphyrins. This agitation will help to damage the bacteria’s cell wall as well as kill them easily.

Mostly the doctor recommend three treatment of laser no matter what type of laser is being used. To get the desire result of the acne lasers, 5-aminolevulinic acid may be applied before starting treatment. Which make your skin more light sensitive, which escalates the amount of porphyrins as well as agitation in your P.Acnes bacteria.

Types of Acne Lasers


Blue Light Laser Treatment


Blue light is low-intensity, yet more powerful to kill P. acnes. It really is a painless method but requires more treatment because P. acnes bacteria quickly increase. The only issue with blue light remedy is its side effect which may include dryness and redness on the part of skin that is treated. Now most of the therapist have make the combination of both red and blue light that is a more effective treatment now.

Pulsed Light Laser Treatment


This technology use the hot laser energy to kill the P. acnes bacteria with shrinking the sebaceous glands. Which help to reduce the oil production but have a skin redness side effect also.

Diode Laser Treatment


This laser technology is used to sebum-producing glands in your dermis. But these lasers don’t have an impact on the skin. It really is more painful sometimes than above mentioned techniques. This laser treatment have side effect including short-term inflammation or bloating of skin treated area.

Photo-pneumatic Laser Treatment


This laser treatment is a mixture of red and blue light with having suction aids. This aid supports for dead cell and oil removal from your skin which cause clog up of sebaceous glands. Following the suction, blue and red light remedy is used to kill the P. acnes bacteria, which help to reduce the inflammation.

Photodynamic Laser Treatment


This laser treatment also use a mixture of laser light with topical medications. The procedure involves making use of photosensitizing agents to improve the light effect on your skin. The light may have a red or blue color or used pulsed light. Just like other laser light treatments, this treatment also have side effect like bloating or redness on your skin as well as skin may crust and ironically-acne breakouts might visible on your skin.

All of the above mentioned techniques are commonly used and have a great impact on acne improvement. So if you have acne problem, try one of these to get desire results.

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