LLLT for Hairs – Control Over Hair Loss with Low Level Laser Therapy

LLLT for Hairs – Control Over Hair Loss with Low Level Laser Therapy

With proven results as the non-invasive, LLLT is found to be the best contender as the main one to try hair regrowth treatment. But prior to going and purchase yourself a laser beam comb, or start arranging treatment sessions, be sure you see whether LLLT is work with your hair or not.

Will It Work For My Hair Loss?

LLLT remedy for hair loss functioning by unclogging the hair roots of DHT or any other blockages that stop your head from growing hair. It will regenerate the head by boosting blood circulation and nutrition within the certain area, revitalizing strands and boosting the growth of hairs. Therefore, for this treatment to work, it requires follicles to utilize. Latest studies show the following things:

  • When you have been balding for under 3 years, you will get quite strong results from LLLT remedy
  • Has it been between 3-5 years you have been sacrificing your strands? You might see great results, but this will need a time period of more than 12 months and really should be used together with other treatments definitely
  • If you have time more than 5 years for hair follicles have been dormant, LLLT shall not be useless for you to treat.

What Type Of Results May I Be Prepared To See?

This really will depend on the length of time you have observed hair loss, causes of that hair loss as well as many other health issues that are going to be considered. But all the outcome lay in 4 categories which is discussed below:

  • No change – Which means there is no hair growth and your hair continues to fall.
  • Hair thinning is stabilized — your hair loss has improved substantially or may have even discontinued. But no new progress noticed in your hair growth.
  • Your hair is restored – Which mean you have healthier and thinner hair because of stopping hair fall.
  • Regrowth of hair- The fall out of hair completely stops and there appears to be more new hair on your head.

When Am I Going To Start To See Results?

LLLT for treating hair loss is in not a type of single treatment success solution. Results may take up to 12 weeks or even take up to 1 year. Just like you hair fall after a certain period, it will follow the same progressive period for restoration of your hair. If this procedure will suit your hair the wait you do for restoration have worth.

How Many Time Do I Use This Treatment?

LLLT aren’t a long lasting solution for hair loss, so, therefore, it needs to be used fairly and constantly to get the desired outcomes. Again, the number of times is determined by your hair conditions. You may want to have treatments day-to-day, once within a complete week, once or twice within a month.

Is This Treatment Have Any Side Effect?

There is no side effect of LLLT for hair loss treatment. But it is better not to use on the daily basis as using it on the daily basis can cause redness as well as soreness on some sensitive skins.

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