Low Level Laser Therapy for hair loss

The Low level LaserTherapy is a kind of secure  treatment, for a range of health issues. It is now one of the popular forms treatment for genetic  disorders also. It is now being used to treat the genetic forms of hair loss for both the sexes , men and women.

Low Level Laser Therapy for hair loss

Androgenetic alopecia is now being treated very successfully with this therapy. The other names of the theory are Cold laser, Soft laser etc. Sometimes they are called photobiomodulation and biostimulation.   Low Level Laser Therapy is also called Red light Therapy, cold laser, soft laser, Photobiomodulation and Biostimulation.  It is treated as one of the most advanced treatment for hair loss. It brings thicker and healthier hair, and stabilizes the growth of hair and makes the hair shiny.

The therapy is very much effective for loss of hair and helps people to bring back shine in the hair. It also prevents extra hair loss in the future. About half the users say that the therapy helps to stimulate re-growth of hair both in case of male and female. Several specialist surgeons for hair replacement recommends this treatment that produces a considerable effect within a short time.

Does the therapy Hurt?

The Low Level Laser Therapy involve no puncturing of the skin surface it is completely painless and comfortable.  In addition, since the therapy is “Cold” it is free of any Ultra Violet radiation. It also leaves one cool, without any burning sensation. The greatest benefit is that, the patients need to take leave from their job or other activities. They are able to resume their work in no time. They even can do their work on normal schedule.

Are you a candidate to get the therapy for your hair?

This treatment can be a great benefit for any person who is suffering from hair loss. Or anyone who has just noticed gray hair or loss of hair, can take the benefits of this new advancement of the therapy. The laser therapy is a complete treatment for hair renovation and restoration method.  There are a lots of hair clinics where laser therapy is given free of cost for a few days to see if it helps boost the process of healing and helps grow  new hair. Most interestingly, one of the hair therapist found out that this therapy not merely make the growth of hair faster, but also hasten up the growth the grafted hair.

The testimonials of the patients

The testimonials are the live documents of the users. Some say that they could not imagine the benefits they got from this therapy. Even, some had nothing to do but to accept the fate. They got their confidence lower, day by day. But Low Level Laser Therapy has transformed their lives. Since the loss of hair is stopped, they are no longer conscious about their hair whenever they want to go out for a walks.

There are lots of therapists.  An early appointment with one of them is necessary to avoid any uncertainty.

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