Otitis. Symptoms of otitis

Otitis media is a disease based on the mucosal inflammation of the middle ear.

Suppurative otitis media is caused by viral, bacterial and fungal infections. As a rule, the infectious process extends to the middle ear from the nasal cavity and nasopharynx, as a complication of the common cold, acute respiratory infections, sinusitis, sore throats and other respiratory diseases, are also possible post-traumatic inflammation of the middle ear cavity.

Symptoms of otitis

sharp pain in the ear, usually permanent, which gradually increases and especially enhanced in the evening;
high temperature;
weakness, loss of appetite;
if purulent process melts the eardrum, the patient begins to «escape» from the ear.

Depending on the severity of inflammation of the auditory canal can secrete mucus pus or ichor mixed discharge. At this stage, is authorized to diagnose acute purulent otitis media. However, the breakthrough of pus does not always happen outside. In some situations the inflammatory process proceeds to the temporal bone and mastoid area of the temporal bone. Disease develops — mastoiditis. In this case requires emergency surgery.

Causes of otitis

The cause of otitis media is the penetration of infection from neighboring otolaryngology.

Diseases of the nose, sinuses, nasopharynx. These include acute and chronic rhinitis, septal deviation in children — adenoid vegetations.
Factor that provokes acute purulent otitis media is hypothermia.
Trauma, as a random household and patient self-inflicted.

How to treat otitis disease?

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Cold Laser Vityas help!

Methods of treatment of otitis medical cold laser Vityas (on photo):

Otitis. Symptoms of otitis - Cold laser vityas.

Otitis. Cold laser vityas.

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