Effective Use of Cold Laser Vityas At Home

Laser therapy is now becoming a unique way of pain relief treatments. You do not need to go anywhere to take the therapy. A person can use a cold laser device at their home for the treatment of different pains. In order to take advantages of these devices it is very important to get proper knowledge about them. There are different models of Cold (soft) that are available in market. These models consist of various things that are.

  • Technology
  • Design
  • Power Output
  • Functionality
  • Customer Support (After Sales)
  • Cost

Do not compromise on the health issue because it is closely related to a patient and his or her health. So the person who wants to buy this health care instrument must consider some important things. It is really necessary to get the best product in the market with best results.

Effective Use of Cold Laser Vityas At Home

Suitable For Pain:

There are different models available in the market and used to trigger a specific part of your body pain. When you go to buy this device for you, must confirm the salesman that the device is suitable for which part of body pain?  You can also get an advice from a doctor before purchasing it.  The Cold (soft) Laser Vityas is very useful for the following purposes.

  • Arthritis
  • Stiffness
  • Minor joints or muscles pain
  • Muscles Spasm
  • Helps to improve circulation of blood
  • Promote the muscles relaxation

Specification of Its LED and Laser:

This is another important factor of purchasing a Cold (soft) Laser Vityas to use at home. You should consider the specification of the device or its LED and laser power. It is necessary to check that either the laser diode is available because the device consists only on Led will not give you any benefit. It will be useless for you, so the device should contain on both LED and laser simultaneously. The laser diode in the device work as a primary source of light and on the other hand LED is a synergistic source is with 635nm red LED as well as the 875nm of an infrared LE.

How Many Days The Pain Relief Treatment Last?

There are two main parts of the cold laser Vityas that is

  • Wavelength
  • Power

These both parts decide the time of treatment and the effective penetration. It is a best-specialized device that allows the penetration without producing any type of heating effects. It is programmed with an interval of 5 min.

Easy and Reliable To Use:

Its portability and reliability are two important parameters that a person should consider before purchasing the device. The approximate weight of portable cold laser vityas is 220g. It has great and long battery time and easy to carry with you, a person can take it with him or her easily. It is convenient to take with you when you are going for traveling. You can use at home without any problem but you must have full knowledge about your device to get the proper advantages of it. Use it carefully according to its interval time.

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Benefit of Vityas Cold Laser for Chiropractic

Benefit of Vityas Cold Laser for Chiropractic

Cold Laser for Chiropractic is a non-surgical treatment that purpose is to save you from the problem and disturbance in the muscular system, especially in your spines. It pays proper attention to find the problem and provide good results.  This treatment is also helpful for the stress, spinal disorders as well as pain relief that caused in different parts of your body.

In this article, we are going to tell you some important benefits of the Low-Level Laser Therapy.

Immediate Relief from Pain:

The Low-Level Laser Therapy for Chiropractic issue will provide an immediate pain relief. It sends pain blocking signals to the nerve cells of your brain. It helps to reduce your body pain and level of sensitivity. The patient will get faster results. Due to the reduction in swelling and effects of an inflammatory issue, it will further reduce the pain of nerve system.

Improvement in the Functionality of Immune System:

Cold Laser for Chiropractic is the best treatment nowadays. It will help a lot to increase the functionality of an immune system. The lights of a laser will directly effect on the stimulation of immune system of a person such as a lymphocyte and an immunoglobulin. Again the laser light targets the mitochondria cell that will help to stimulate the production of ATP, the energy of a body.

Trigger Tightness points:

A Vityas Cold laser is a best portable device that can easily trigger the muscles or points tightness in your body. It gives you relief from any type of body pain by directly affecting the system of musculoskeletal.

Many people feel positive changes after completing the first session of Low-Level Laser Therapy.

Increase The Activity Of Metabolism:

At the cellular level of cell’s mitochondria, the laser therapy will help to target it. This process of the treatment provides a great particle of oxygen and food for the blood cells in your body. It also maximizes the creation of enzymes which is really important to provide a power of healing to human’s body.

Improvement in Nervous System:

The cold laser therapy is a great treatment that helps to heal the damages of the nervous system. If the patient is suffering from any type of injury in the results of nervous system damage, then they just need to get this treatment for the best results.

Cold Laser Therapy Anti-Inflammation:

The Vityas cold laser therapy will help to decrease the swelling at the site of inflammation because the system of cardiovascular, it causes vasodilation. It is really effective for the people who are suffering from inflammation issue such as bruising or swelling due to a sprained ankle and also the inflammation by arthritis.

Repairs Muscles or Points:

The treatment is really helpful for the healing of muscles or points injuries due to heavy weight lifting. During the time period of this treatment, energy cells are increased in a specific area by absorbing in the deep tissues of your body. This energy allows a person to get rid of any kind of points or muscles issue immediately and become more energetic.

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Benefits of Chiropractic Laser Therapy

Chiropractic Laser treatment is a non-surgical treatment that aim is to prevent disturbance and problem in the muscular system, especially in spines. It pays proper attention to diagnose the problem and give great outcomes. It provides the treatment for stress, pain or spinal disorders that caused in various parts of your body which is mostly due to the problem of a nervous system in your body.

In this article, we are going to discuss different benefits of Chiropractic Laser therapy.

Provides Immediate Pain Relief:

In the effects of Chiropractic Laser therapy the nerve cells by sending the pain blocking signals from these cells to the brain. It helps you to minimize the level of sensitivity and pain from your body. The patient will get the immediate results and improvement in pain level. Also due to the decreasing swelling and inflammatory effects, this further reduce any nerve pain

Trigger Points Tightness:

Chiropractic Laser treatment is best to trigger the points or muscles tightness in your body. It gives you relief from pain and muscles by directly affecting the musculoskeletal system. Many patients feel the positive change after taking the first session of Chiropractic Laser therapy


Laser decrease the swelling at inflammation site because in the cardiovascular system it causes vasodilation. It is effective for the persons who are suffering from inflammation such as swelling or bruising due to a sprained ankle and also for inflammation by arthritis.

Improve The Function Of Immune System:

Chiropractic Laser therapy will help you a lot to increase the function of your immune system. The light of laser directly effects on the stimulation of the immune system of a person just like immunoglobulin’s and lymphocyte, again the light of laser target the cell’s mitochondria which help to stimulates the ATP production, the energy of a body.

Improve The Vascular Response:

In the arterial system, our body has a great ability to develop collateral pathways. The body makes a new pathway that used to bypass the injured area when there is any damaged part of the arterial system. The formation of the new capillaries is increased by using the Chiropractic Laser therapy. It allows the healing process to work quickly and minimize the number of scar tissues.

Maximize The Metabolic Activity:

Laser therapy targets the cell’s mitochondria at the level of cellular. This process returns the great food particles and oxygen for the blood cells in human body. It also increases the creating of enzymes which is important to give healing power to your body.

Points Or Muscles Repair:

This treatment is best for the injuries of muscles due to heavy lifting. During this treatment, the energy of cells is increased in a particular area by absorbing into deep tissues of your body. This energy allows the patient to get rid of all the muscles issues quickly and become more energetic. It gives a speedier recovery response

Improve Nervous System:

This laser therapy is a great treatment to heal any damage to nervous system. If the patient has an injury in the result of which they get their nerve damage, then they have to get this treatment for beneficial results.

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Uses of Acupuncture Laser Therapy

Uses of Acupuncture Laser Therapy

Acupuncture is an alternative form of different medicines in which a thin needle inserts into the body. It is a traditional Chinese medicine method, to treat with various diseases.

Methods of Treatment:

An acupuncture laser device is the same as normal acupuncture except that instead of traditional penetrating needles its laser light is used for the treatment, which is great for people that don’t like needles. Treating with laser acupuncture is the stimulation of acupuncture pathways which transmit electrical impulses through the nervous system. General laser therapy is the application of infrared light and/or visible red light to injured or damaged local tissue directly on the affected area, without the stimulation of the pathways.

More about Laser Acupuncture:

• Very low doses of laser — Treatment length is lower, seconds rather than minutes

• Lower laser powers used 1.5mw just like a pencil laser

• It uses various acupuncture pathways

• Tissues near the surface of the skin are stimulated

• Stimulates an acupuncture point in seconds, and doesn’t need further stimulation.

• Application of the laser requires point location on the body.

This therapy is applied to the points of acupuncture that is cause a brain stimulation pattern, identical physiological response, as needle acupuncture regularly without any sensation.

Two Basic Ways of Laser Therapy:

• To stimulates the therapeutic responses bathing a soft tissue with the light

• To promote the therapeutic responses by stimulating the acupuncture points with the help of laser light.

Soft Tissues Injuries:

Injuries like sprains, tendons, carpal tunnel syndrome, Joint pain, the light of laser applied to the affected area of a body. During the treatment a light contact with the tissues, the cells release the metabolic waste through absorbing and excretion the nutrients easily and the cells respond to therapeutic energy. It increases the flow of blood by opening the blood vessels which further drains the injury, promotes healing and supplies nutrients.

Injury Cured Quickly:

Typical with the help of Acupuncture therapy the pain is cured and healing is allowed to happen very fast, often twice as fast as normal. It has found that this laser therapy is not only a painless process infect it shows really results on the patient with fewer treatment than with needle acupuncture.

Photo-Stimulation Mechanism:

The process is based on the photo-stimulation mechanism in which light is used to complete the biological changes. During this therapy the body organ cells undergo electrochemical, structural and biochemical changes which helps in the functioning of that organ which is improved and a patient gets relief from pain.

Beneficial Treatment:

Laser acupuncture is beneficial in almost all types of physical problems except some and doctors prefer it in the treatment where there are chances of cross infections. The peripheral acupuncture points located on the ears, hand and feet respond more quickly to laser acupuncture than other treatments.

Biological effects:

A laser beam of energy enters the acupuncture point and begins a cascade of beneficial biological effects:

• Tissue Repair and Cell Growth

• Anti- inflammation

• Anti-Pain (Analgesia)

• Immunoregulation

• Improved Nerve Function

• Improvement in Vascular Activity

• Increase in Metabolic Activity

• Trigger Point Resolution & Acupuncture Point Stimulation

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Cold Laser Therapy – The Best Treatment for Pain and Wounds Relief

Cold Laser Therapy – The Best Treatment for Pain and Wounds Relief

Light therapy has been used for thousands of years. Recently, the community of healthcare department declares cold laser therapy a valuable tool for the management of different health issues. It is a best non-surgical method of treatment.

Functions Of Cold Laser Therapy:

The human body is made up of trillion of cells which plays a vital role. To produce energy these cells uses both of chemical and physical processes to heal and to survive. According to many publishers, this treatment is known widely which promotes different function within the human body. These functions include.

•    Pain Control

•    Vascular Improvements

•    Cellular Healing

•    Wound Healing Enhancement

Forms of Laser:

Laser treatment has different forms. These forms include the two types of lasers that are

•    Hot Lasers (Used For Surgical Procedure

•    Cold Lasers (Used For Therapeutic Treatment for Healing Encouragement)

Both of the lasers utilize the lights, but the function and power of both the lasers are different

Accepted By Mainstream Medicine:

The cold laser therapy is becoming a great accepted by mainstream medicine and that’s why it is one of the best solutions to provide pain relief to millions of people. It not only helps to deal with the patients who are suffering from pain even it also helps to deal with wounds that are not healing properly. Treatment is depending on the needs of a patient and according to their needs, the treatment can be given twice a week. The patients who are suffering from neck, chronic or any other pain can get improvement in their quality of a good life.



Postoperative Pain Relief:

The cold laser therapy is best and provides effective results for postoperative pain. According to a study, the surgical patients who did not receive the cold laser therapy reported that their level of pain is moderate to serve. On the other hand, the patients who received the therapy for six to eight minutes reported that their pain level is mild to moderate. Many studies are still doing to provide evidence that laser therapy is the best solution.

Minimize The Pain Sensation And Signals:

The cold laser therapy is energy which helps you to maximize the nutrients for tissues, blood flow in your body and oxygen to cells as well. It also helps to minimize the pain signals to the brain, swelling and inflammation. Encephalin and Endorphins are released that further decrease the sensation of pain. This combination allows improving your nerve function and healing.

Convenient, Effective And Affordable Treatment:

Cold laser therapy is the best answer for the patients who want pain relief or pain management. For those, this therapy is a blessing because its pain management is effective, convenient and affordable. It is effective in treating with sprains, knee pain, backaches and other body pains. It is proven that the cold laser therapies boost the immune system of your body and heal the damaged tissues faster.

If you are suffering from pains, it can interfere with general enjoyment, play and work. Life can become more enjoyable when you are pain-free. So, the cold laser therapy is the one which allows you to enjoy your life without any fear and dark clouds of pain in your life.

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How effective is medical laser Vityas in Treatment and Therapy

How effective is medical laser Vityas in Treatment and Therapy

The medical field has a wide use of laser instruments. With the current laser technology, there are various types of laser used either for medical purposes or therapeutic uses. A rapid growth in this field has enabled people to access medical services at low costs and acquire easy to use devices such as medical laser vityas, laser scalpels among others. Cold laser Vityas are very portable and can be used to treat the body organs using infrared, red laser light and magnetic wave fields. Its power supply ensures that it can be used at any time and any part of the world. The patient can be easily attended to and this improves the recovery process at home and reduces the time required for the entire treatment.

There are a number of benefits that come with the use of medical laser vityas; to start with, they are of various types which make it easy to choose from a variety depending on the use; they are also easy to use because the instructions provided are well elaborated; they are also affordable and easily available at various outlets. In addition, they can be used by people of all ages and have of side effects .However, research shows that an overdose can lead to lack of effectiveness of the treatment just like any other drugs. Therefore, the exposure of the laser should be administered properly to get near perfect results.

Cold laser vityas used by practitioners have advanced features which help them perform special treatment to patients .They are operated in different modes and are considered very useful in medical learning institutions. The device is automatically performs most of the functions for example turning on and off and time the treatment sessions accordingly. The list of diseases treated by medical laser vityas is endless ranging from skin issues, internal organ treatment, therapy, bone abnormalities and gynecological issues among others. The rate of metabolism can be regulated by use of medical laser vityas whereby cells are activated to function as expected.

The current world does not require a medical practitioner to be treating you, there is need to acquire a domestic device called medical laser vityas which will always accompany you every time you need therapy. No need to keep spending a lot of money when you can save and still receive the same measure of satisfaction and at the comfort of your seat. Sooth your body with a device that causes no harm to your body but solves your problem forever. The medical field is adding value to the lives of people who least expected it. No turning back for laser technology and other technologies that are useful to the entire society. A healthy person is a wealthy person in that he can acquire what he want working hard and smart.

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Cold Laser Treatment for Arthritis

Cold Laser Treatment for Arthritis


Arthritis is the condition that influences the musculoskeletal system, it influences the joints.

It’s one of the primary reasons behind disability among the elderly; it is additionally seen in people over 55 to 60 years old. The most frequent type of joint disease is Osteoarthritis (OA) and the next most common disease of joint is Arthritis rheumatoid.

Furthermore, there are a few additional types of joint disease that are spreading most commonly between the early age people. The problem is the effect of a malfunction in many elements of any joint.


Its symptoms can be severe pain in joint parts, tenderness when pressure is put on the joint, inflamed and swollen joints, unusual rigidity in the joint, etc. Inside the rheumatoid condition, for example there may be trends of lumps of tissue under your skin

  • The Arthritis Symptom includes

-              Fatigue.

-              Joint pain.

-              Joint tenderness.

-              Joint swelling.

-              Joint redness.

-              Joint warmth.

-              Joint stiffness.

-              Reduction of joint flexibility.


After ongoing research It is our bad luck that there continues to be no cure. Coping with arthritis can hurt, but there are several treatment options open to lessen its negative effect on your lifestyle. Apart from approved medications, mainly painkillers, recently developed laser remedy can be considered a good solution for treatment.


Laser Skin Treatment for Arthritis Work:

Laser remedy for arthritis lessens the inflammation and swelling. It can be cover by increasing blood circulation and overall blood flow to the malfunctioned area. In addition, laser remedy helps the skin cells find their chemical type balance. Therefore, the skin cells reenergize and start to heal. By natural means, the ligaments, tendons and muscles having a fresh support system, which lessens a great deal of pain.


Laser Devices:

Laser beam devices can be split into four classes:

  • Class I
  • Class II
  • Class III
  • Class IV


Difference of Devices:

The difference between the four classes is the quantity of power they emanate. The Class IV is a high-powered remedy device which range from 6 W to 10W. Since this electric power is much greater than cold laser remedy, the penetration of the Class IV Laser beam system is recommended over its counterparts.

Class IV laser beam remedy is conducted in outpatient wards and is also a non-invasive and pain-free procedure as well. Because it is an advanced, FDA approved, convenient, incredibly effective and a quickly gathering popularity


Benefits of Laser Skin Treatment for Arthritis:

The use of laser skin treatment for Arthritis is getting common day by day. There are some benefits of using this treatment

  • it provides increased cells penetration.
  • Laser remedy is not only effective; it is rather safe as well and doesn’t have any side results.
  • The Benefit of utilizing a Class IV laser beam is that it is having a faster restoration time, more peaceful muscles, improved muscle activity, increased blood flow, fair reduced amount of irritation, the regenerate the nerve skin cells and increase joint flexibility.
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Amazing Benefits of Soft Laser Technology

Soft laser technology is a wonderful healing procedure discovered some years back and  the power of laser is highly appreciated.The healing power of laser therapy can never be ignore in the current medical world where technology is key to improved medical services and reduction  of medical costs. In the past, some medical conditions have been very hard to deal with especially where the patient require therapy such as cancerous tumors, chronic pains, and injuries. Nowadays, this is no issue because several equipment have been discovered to deal with such cases patients can fully recover from illness very fast and at a reduced cost.

Currently, cancer patients have something to celebrate because soft laser help to  neutralize metals  and this hinders growth of cancer cells and improvement can be noticed within a couple of days. Soft laser is known to work by penetrating deep into the skin surface and has no heating effect on the skin. Its light has a ranging wavelength of 1 to 1000 mw monochromatic which is one phase .The use of soft laser became popular after been successfully used to manage ulcers in a patient who had blood vessels issues. Therefore, the technology has been in use for more than two decades especially in hospitals, universities, clinics, and medical institutions. However, this technology is not easily accessible to the local community and thus become hard to continue with treatment at home for effective outcome.

The use of soft laser helps in arousing and invigorating healing of the injured part by fostering intercellular coordination, blood movement and other cellular activities. The soft laser device effectiveness is very crucial while attending to patients who have different level of injuries. First, the area to be treated with full coherent beam measures approximately 4.5 square centimeters and with that short period is used for the treatment. Secondly, penetration of the wavelength requires up to 250mW enhancing maximum efficiency and high average power of up to 5 joules per minutes across the entire surface of the injured part. The intensity of the beam and penetration is enhanced by the micro pulses and the wavelength, which measures up to 808 MN for maximum penetration.

There are various benefits that have been proven through the use of soft laser therapy. The process is easy to carry out and the device is safe to use under any environment. The use of laser technology has no negative effect as far as researchers are concerned. In addition, the deep penetration of the laser beam allows natural healing of the affected area, and no pain is experienced by the patient. The exposed part does not experience any damage from the laser, it only experience a warming and soothing effect. Lastly, the use of soft laser is applicable to patients of all ages to relief pain, promote recovery, and does not constitute to any harm whatsoever. Studies indicate positive impacts in treating jaw pains, inflammation of gums, and other disorders. The results of each casualty who undergoes therapy may vary depending on the person’s body reaction. Therefore, there is no need to worry where the results differ slightly.Amazing Benefits of Soft Laser Technology

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Low Level Laser Therapy For Hair Growth

Low Level Laser Therapy For Hair Growth


Laser light that is produced by low-powered laser is recently used as a non-surgical hair restoration and growth for hair loss. There are different devices that are used in hair restoration treatment.

  • Laser Comb
  • Laser Brush
  • Laser Cap
  • Laser Hood

Some of the devices can be used at home without any difficulties but for the large caps and hoods you need to go the hair restoration clinics.

If the problem of hair loss is questionable then you need to consult with a hair restoration specialist first. He will examine the cause of hair loss and recommend the Low Level Laser Therapy hair loss treatment if needed.

Laser’s Mechanics:

The laser is a device which is producing light of specific wavelength. This wavelength makes the laser treatment unique. The color and wattage of laser light is selected for a specific purpose to apply. The laser light which is used in a treatment of hair loss is specifically used as red laser light.

Working Of Low Laser Light Treatment:

Low Level Laser Therapy is a treatment which is used to raise the flow of blood in scalp and encourage the metabolism. It’s further result in the production of new hairs.

Laser light with a specific wavelength is used in hair restoration treatment. This laser light is not harmful, It can’t cut, burn or damage the skin or scalp. In Low Level Laser Therapy the laser light will absorbed by the cells and starts the process of repairing cells.

Low Level Laser Therapy is not only one time treatment the patient need to attend some sessions for the treatment of pattern hair loss with other medical therapies.

Benefits of Low Level Laser Therapy:  

There are some benefits of Low Level Laser Therapy

  • Low Level Laser Therapy is a treatment which can be used both in male and female to control hair loss
  • It helps to regenerate the hairs
  • This treatment is pain free and 100% secure for your physical health
  • As compared to other treatments Low Level Laser Therapy is less expensive and most effective as well
  • Low Level Laser Therapy is considering fast and really helpful in hair’s re-growth
  • It is available in both portable and hand held devices
  • hand held laser devices can be used at home easily for the re-growth of hairs
  • Low Level Laser Therapy needed a low time of commitment
  • The results will shown within the use of 12 to 26 weeks.
  • Laser light helps to increase the blood flow which carries oxygen to the cells.

Risks Of Low Level Laser Therapy:

along with the benefits of Low Level Laser Therapy there are also some side effects of it. Before taking the LLLT you should keep in mind the risk of using LLLT.

  • Do not use the Low Level Laser Therapy over the thyroid.
  • Use glasses while using the Low Level Laser Therapy.

These perceptions can reduce the risk of using Low Level Laser Therapy.

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New Cold Laser Vityas device for HOLIDAY Price: ONLY $79 USD include FREE shipping!!!

Holiday Discount! New Cold Laser Vityas device for HOLIDAY Price: ONLY $79 USD include FREE shipping!!!

New Cold Laser Vityas device for HOLIDAY Price: ONLY $79 USD include FREE shipping!!!
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