How Low laser therapy is beneficial for the users?

How Low laser therapy is beneficial for the users?

For getting rid of pain and other health issues Low laser therapy is the right option. It is one of the simplest and instant ways to get rid of the pain and inflammation in the body. Due to the several health benefits it is highly wonderful treatment. Any kind of physical therapy contains combination of treatments including guided exercise and manual therapy with various technical tools. Laser therapy is one of the most instant healing procedures of any injury. It contains various types of powers as per the injury type. It is designed to reduce pain, decrease inflammation and enhance the mobility.

How laser therapy treats the cell?

With certain wavelength of the light it interacts with muscles and penetrates in the tissues to repair. It is a speed healing process. By producing light, the laser stimulates photoreceptors in human pores and skin and the mitochondria in our cells. Broken cells have a physiological response to the light that promotes regeneration and restoration. The remedy technique was founded at the truth that sure wavelengths of mild motive your tissues to heal in distinct methods.

How Does The Laser Therapy Heal?

Distinctive wavelengths and outputs are used relying on what precisely you’re seeking to treat. There are different protocols to reduce irritation, lower pain, heal bones, or even lessen the formation of scarring on the pores and skin. For the duration of the process, you’ll feel the tool in opposition to your pores and skin, however it creates no warmth, sound, or vibration—making it noninvasive, painless, and absolutely sterile.

Incorporating Cold Laser Into Your Treatment

Laser therapy helps in strengthening the joints, muscles and injured bones. It reduces your recovery time by healing up injured bone. By reducing pain and numbness it heals quickly and effectively. It is wonderful for treating fractures, contusions, bruises, burns, strains and sprains.

  • Reduces pain from body
  • Prevents the skin from the aging effects.
  • Allows the collagen production under the skin cells.
  • Provides better shape and volume to the cells and tissues.
  • Offers natural healing procedure by repairing the damaged part.


It has no side effects. You must be careful if you have any kind of allergy. It is forbidden for pregnant ladies. If your infant is on your breast feeding then it is forbidden. At the incision, there is a great risk of infection, dangers of anesthesia, blood clots, nerve damage and scarring.

  1. It has many risks of damaging that part of the body which is under cosmetic surgery.
  2. These are not suitable for all body types
  3. It can react on your sensitive skin
  4. These are mild but can create rashes due to the early expiry

For reducing pain and treating the injury you will discover distinctive sorts of food, pills and workout system around you. The use of this low laser therapy will help you in repairing cells and tissues from your body. It initiates the immune system of your body also. If you want to get rid of pain form injury quickly, then you can take assistance from this innovative method. These are very effective in lessening the pain rapidly. It is the genuine approach to get rid of the intense pain and inflammation from your body. It is an incredible way to heal up your injury.

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Signs, causes and treatment of Sesamoiditis

Signs, causes and treatment of Sesamoiditis

Sesamoiditis is disorder that influences the forefoot. It happens to those young individuals who are busy in physical activities like dancing and running.

Sesamoid bone foot toe

In the ball of foot on the inner or medial side it starts paining. It is a general term that is for irritation of the Sesamoiditis bones. These bones are tiny and are within the tendons. It runs to the big toe. It increases the leverage of the tendons controlling the toe. For hitting and pushing with the toes this bone involves in it. Due to this reason it can be fractured or irritated.

Causes of Sesamoiditis

The pain and inflammation starts as mild ache and enhances gradually. It can transform into intense throbbing. In some patients no redness and bruising can be seen but it is highly painful to move the fore-front of the foot. Pain increases with the increase in the activities. Hill work and Speed work are the prime reasons of this pain.


  • Redness and bruising
  • Swelling
  • Severe pain

Home treatment for sesamoid

Ice and rest are two home treatments for this issue. It is the fact that the swelling due to sesamoid cannot allow you to move. Due to light movement and the light walking it can increase. Rest relieves the pressure implemented to the sesamoid tissue, muscles, bones and tendons on the bottom of the foot. Especially lowering walking or strolling on hard surfaces gives the sesamoid bones a risk to heal. Use flexible shoes will assist reduce the pressure at the ball the foot.

Laser treatment

With the help of the low level laser therapy and cold level laser therapy this problem can be treated. For reducing inflammation and pain it heals and repairs the damaged bone. Class 4 cold laser uses certain wavelength for penetrating deeply. It goes into the tissues and for repair and cellular growth. It is an excellent option to increase the cellular ATP energy. It can be used for helping the cell maintenance quickly and removing the waste products. Ligaments, tendons and muscles expose to low level laser repair. It regenerates more quickly than tissue.


Treat it with Cold laser therapy

It is mentioned above that rest and ice compress can improve the conditions of the swelled joint. It helps to strengthen the muscles around the affected muscles. It maintains the flexibility of the tendon and makes them comfortable for movement. It reduces the stiffness of the muscles by decreasing the swelling. Weight management can help to improve the conditions of the diseases. Pressure on the sesmoid bone can enhance the burden or stress on the weight bearing joints. Try to eat the food of fewer calories and reduce the physical activity. You can handle it by reducing negative symptoms of it.

Outcomes of LLLT

This therapy can do a lot in this regard; it helps to reduce the pain. It is an anti-inflammatory way that is used to decrease the pain and swelling. It gives positive results in maintaining the health of the patient. Some analgesic drugs can also be used to provide relief from the symptoms on a regular basis, as these are the pain reliever.  The outcomes or the side effects of these drugs are very dangerous. Some of the patients faces the ulcer in stomach, nausea, abdominal inflammation, blood in stool and many more.

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Wrinkles Treatment with Low Level Laser Therapy

Wrinkles Treatment with Low Level Laser Therapy

Curing with Laser/light is a neither dangerous nor intrusive which uses light beam to repair and recover skin cells. The technique lessens the requirement for solution, enhances the results for treated skin conditions and expands the recuperation rates of influenced body cells.


Why pick laser/light treatment for wrinkles

Advantages of laser/light treatment include:

•             Less requirement for pain killer pills taking after the procedure.

•             Increased vitality for cells in the treatment territory.

•             Improved insusceptible reaction.

•             Improved recuperating reaction.

•             Promotion of collagen for new skin creation.

•             Better lymphatic waste, prompting decreased swelling.

•             Improved blood course in treatment zone.

•             Reduced irritation.


What you ought to think about laser/light treatment for wrinkles?


In the period laser/light treatment, a low energy laser beam typically red color is concentrated to the zone of wrinkled skin. The laser transfer energy packets around three creeps into the skin. Mitochondria in the skin layers retain the red laser light, bringing about an expansion of adenosine triphosphate (ATPs) levels, prompting an increment in solid cell generation. The procedure likewise advances recuperating by expanding creation of collagen, proteins and cell development. The expanded collagen creation keeps scar tissue from shaping.

Wrinkles Treatment with Low Level Laser Therapy

Conceivable Dangers


Likewise with any curing procedure, there are dangers related it, however they are limited in the hands of a qualified ASDS skin specialist. That consists of:


•             Hurt

•             Inflammation

•             Loss of color

•             Wastage of blood

•             Sepsis of wound

•             Blackening

•             Hardening


Expenditure of the treatment


The normal expenditure for laser/light treatment is maximum $1,200. In fact laser/light treatment for defected skin is generally viewed as a restorative therapy; treatment ordinarily isn’t secured by most therapeutic insurance organizations

Wrinkles Treatment with Low Level Laser Therapy

Step By Step Instructions to Get Ready for the Technique


Prior to the methodology, an ASDS skin specialist will normally survey the patient’s restorative history and lead a physical exam. This is the ideal opportunity for the specialist and patient to talk about desires, possible dangers and results of the method. Patients likewise ought to:


• keep away from direct sunlight, tanning beds, applying wax, synthetic wrappings or collagen infusions for 14 days before the technique.


• Stay away from aromas, antiperspirants or any potential aggravations in the treatment region previously, prior and after the treatment.


• Do not use aspirin, mitigating medications and home grown supplements because of expanded danger of blood wastage.


What’s in Store after the Procedure?


Effected person may not perceive any noteworthy changes unless a few days after the operation. Other post-method problems consist:


• Treated territory might be inflamed for few hours after treatment.


• A minor hurtful sensation, like mellow sunburn in the treated region. This sensation normally dies down inside few hours. Ice packets or soggy materials might be used to lessen the sensation.


• Minor puffiness in the treatment range that ordinarily disseminates inside a few days.


Moreover, patients ought to:


• keep away from applying cosmetics or salve to the treated territory for either a single day or until all signs or redness and hurt have disseminated.


• Apply a decent saturating salve to the treated territory two times every day for the span of the medications and for no less than three months after conclusive treatment.


Finding a Specialist for your Laser/light Treatment

Our lasers are the best option for you!

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In which way Low level Laser Therapy Promote regeneration of hair?

In which way Low level Laser Therapy Promote regeneration of hair?

Nobody knows. Be that as it may, there are a lot of speculations.


Indeed, there are such a large number of proposed components of how low level laser treatment regenerates hair that whole papers have been distributed just to outline them. Below are five significance saying:


1. The  warmth enacts warm stun proteins


Some of these warmth stun proteins – particularly HSP27 – are used for cell multiplication and division. What’s more, in the scalp, expanding these proteins likewise increments follicular stem expansion. As it were, it energizes hair regeneration.


2. The laser’s beam builds tissue oxygenation


At the point when the infrared light hits a tissue cell, that light isolates nitric oxide from a compound called cytochrome c oxidase (CCO). At the point when nitric oxide ties to the protein CCO, it dislodges oxygen in the cell and declines cell breath. LLLT separates nitric oxide from CCO and, in doing as such, increments cell breath and tissue oxygenation.


Bring down tissue oxygen levels are seen in thinning up top districts of the scalp. Anything that enhances scalp tissue oxygen levels ought to likewise empower hair regeneration.


3. The laser’s light promotes blood flow


Where there is low oxygen, there’s low blood stream. This is on account of blood conveys oxygen to the cells – so it’s nothing unexpected thinning up top areas have bring down measures of both.


This is the place infrared light comes up. Similarly as infrared light separates nitric oxide from skin tissue cells; it additionally isolates nitric oxide in the cells that make up our veins. Nitric oxide carries on diversely relying upon where it is in the body. In the blood, nitric oxide really supports vasodilatation (augmenting of vessels), thus here, more nitric oxide builds blood stream. In the hair like systems, LLLT’s partition of nitric oxide is something to be thankful for, yet for totally unique reasons.


4. The laser’s light produces intense tissue irritation


Since LLLT increments cell breath and tissue oxygenation, it likewise builds the action of responsive oxygen species (ROS) in the scalp tissue. You might have known about these responsive oxygen species (ROS) from hostile to maturing devotees. An excessive number of ROS can increment oxidative anxiety and in this manner quicken maturing.


In any case, in intense measurements, ROS are really essential for cell expansion, fiery reactions, and even safe capacity. LLLT expands ROS to a remedial (read: not inconvenient) level in scalp tissues. The ROS initiate defensive qualities which support cell multiplication, alongside particular development components related with hair regeneration.



5. The laser’s light can restrain 5-alpha reductase


5-alpha reductase is the compound that proselytes free testosterone into tissue DHT (dihydrotestosterone). The more 5-alpha reductase, the more DHT gathers in our scalps.


On the in addition to side, the confirmation for DHT’s part in male pattern baldness is solid: 1) DHT is raised in thinning up top skin tissues, 2) men who are mutilated before pubescence (and can’t deliver much DHT) never go uncovered, and 3) men who do not have the 5-alpha reductase compound don’t lose their hair sometime down the road. This is the reason drugs like Finasteride and Dutasteride were made. They’re 5-alpha reductase inhibitors. They lessen the measure of DHT that gathers in going bald scalp tissues.


So, DHT’s part in example male pattern baldness is still wrangled about! We are not yet certain if raised scalp tissue DHT is the reason for male example balding… Or rather a side effect of perpetual irritation.


In any case, diminishing scalp tissue DHT may help moderate male pattern baldness, stop it, or considerably recoup a touch of hair. So if LLLT represses 5-alpha reductase may very well be one (of numerous ways low-level laser treatment that implies that anything that restrains 5-alpha reductase in the scalp may likewise help end male pattern baldness.


This all sounds great. LLLT may be a reasonable hair recuperation treatment. In any case, before you go out and drop a great many dollars on laser treatment, this is what you have to know.


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How is Low Level Laser different for other laser treatment?

How is Low Level Laser different for other laser treatment?

Laser hair evacuation. The force and influence yield is high, bringing about the generation of warmth, which is the thing that makes hair expulsion. It particularly focuses on the shade of the hair follicle, anticipating regeneration.

Intense pulse light (IPL) utilizes a wide range of wavelengths and not a concentrated shaft, and all things considered, is not really a laser. It works by warming up the layers of the skin and basically decimating the objective tissue. Accordingly of the ‘harm’, the skin then takes a shot at repair and restoration.

Instead of Low Level Laser Therapy, Surgical Laser utilizes a strongly hot, unequivocally engaged light emission to cut and evacuate tissue.


Are there any symptoms of Low Level Laser Therapy?

Despite the fact that there are no known symptoms of Low Level Laser Therapy, if the condition being dealt with is a ceaseless one, a few people may encounter a slight increment in their level of uneasiness. This is notwithstanding, a transient reaction that soon settles, and is because of the expansion in blood supply to the influenced zone, and is in reality a sign that recuperating is occurring! Low Level Laser Therapy is a non-intrusive, quick acting, sheltered, successful, and medicates free treatment strategy. It has had a background marked by over 50 years of utilization without episode or reactions. Inquire about has demonstrated that it is at any rate as viable as NSAIDS with no negative side effects.

What number of sessions will I require?

You may see a change taking after your first LLLT treatment. In as few as 4-6 medications, you will profit by enhanced blood flow, less irritation and cell revitalization, empowering the body to begin mending, in this way adequately treating the fundamental reason for the agony, instead of simply treating the indications. LLLT additionally has the advantages of having an aggregate impact, with every treatment expanding on the past one.


Is it a transient arrangement or are there long haul benefits?

LLLT can rapidly offer alleviation for intense conditions. For unending conditions, 2-3 sessions seven days for the initial 2-3 weeks might be prescribed so as to enhance comes about. The colossal thing about LLLT is that it has an aggregate impact. Subsequently, the time between visits will increment as the condition makes strides. Taking after culmination of your treatment program, it might (however not generally) be important to return for a speedy «sponsor» session in 3-6 months. Frequently, once the condition has been settled, no further treatment is required.


Numerous people perceive the advantages of having Low Level Laser Therapy as a component of an integrative way to deal with wellbeing and health. The weights of everyday life can extra time prompt a development of oxidative worry in the body, which is the significant reason for aggravation, cell degeneration and the maturing procedure. Low Level Laser Therapy is quickly picking up acknowledgment as a key remedial mediation for lessening oxidative anxiety.

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How Low Level Laser Therapy Help for hair reproduction?

How Laser beam treatment actually works?

Balding is something that will happen to the vast majority of us in life. In spite of the fact that it isn’t generally pleasant, there is a vast assortment of various medications accessible to help with male pattern baldness. We have practical experience in FUE hair transplants. From years of experience, we realize this is a standout amongst the best male pattern baldness medicines available.

At the point when our customers come into us for a meeting we are regularly approached about the best medicines for hair development, and one question we are much of the time asked is ‘does laser hair development work?’ Today we have investigated the upsides and downsides of laser hair development so you can see precisely how well it functions and if the treatment is beneficial for you.


What is laser hair development?

There is an assortment of various contraptions accessible on the high road that offers LLLT treatment to advance hair development. LLLT (low-level light treatment) is a treatment that uses lasers, or light vitality underneath a particular vitality limit and inside a particular wavelength, to help advance hair development.

The light source utilized for these items can extend amongst laser and LED gadgets, the laser gadgets utilized are alluded to as icy lasers as they deliver no warmth and are along these lines safe to utilize and will make no harm the skin or hair follicles.

 How Low Level Laser Therapy Help for hair reproduction?

How does laser hair development function?

LLLT has been appeared to advance hair development in both men and ladies with androgenetic alopecia. Look into shows that LLLT is retained into the cells, and this triggers upgraded cell action. The LLLT is thought to make maturing cells more dynamic, which attempts to build their adequacy in hair development be that as it may; there is at present insufficient research to make certain how the treatment functions.

Does it really work?

The correct system of how LLLT functions has not yet been investigated, at this ebb and flow time inquire about has just demonstrated how it is accepted to function. A few reviews have demonstrated that the treatment has advanced hair development.

The treatment has however just highlighted advanced development on the individuals who has Androgenetic alopecia. The treatment works best on those with diminishing hair and example hairlessness brought about by an innate condition. The treatment won’t chip away at everybody, and it is probably not going to take a shot at those with next to no to any hair.

How rapidly will I get comes about?

Thinks about have demonstrated that the treatment can indicate comes about after various timeframes, for various customers. However all things considered customers saw a few outcomes after around 26 weeks of utilizing the treatment.

The outcomes on various territories on the scalp can differ. The treatment could conceivably function admirably on one region of the scalp and advance hair development, yet there is additionally a possibility that the treatment won’t fill in also on different regions, and the advancement of hair development will be uneven.

Is it worth the cash?

LLLT gadgets can go in costs from $200 to $900. This is an irregular cost for the gadget, which you can then use as much as you need. The diverse gadgets do however work another way, and won’t all get a similar outcome. In spite of the fact that the underlying expense may appear to be shabby at this present minute there is insufficient proof to show how the treatment really functions, or how well it works. On account of this, becoming tied up with the treatment could be a potential hazard.

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What Diseases Can Be Treated With Low-Level Laser Therapy

What Diseases Can Be Treated With Low-Level Laser Therapy

Low-Level Laser Therapy also is known as cold therapy is the innovative laser treatment that helps you to deal with a number of body issues. This treatment is very functional, as the equipment needs various adjustments and functionality for treating different conditions. Using LLLT you can treat the following ailments.

Skin Conditions:

Body Scarring & Blemishes

LLLT is best for treating the rosacea, psoriasis, acne, bruising and other allergic condition. Furthermore, it’s a powerful laser skin method use for acne scarring including keloid scars, new appearing marks, and other facial scars. Low-level laser therapy uses different treatment method side by side including dermal filler, anti-aging injection etc to get the quick results.


It’s also called eczema which is commonly found a condition that exists almost 33% of the whole population in their lives. In this skin disease, you have found different bumps, red rashes, burning, swelling and many other issues. You may face this problem due to genetic as well as environmental factors. Some of the main causes are using of infected material like soap, towel, and clothes. These skin issues also happen due to change in weather like humidity level and much more.


You can see this condition due to thickening of the skin outside layer. It is happening when you have a high amount of keratin in your skin layers. In this way, you may not able to naturally defense against rubbing and another form of irritation. Hyperkeratosis can easily be treated with LLLT that is applied to your mouth, hands, calluses, warts, and other areas of the body to get rid of the discomfort.


It is an infection and swelling of the hair roots. This problem is common and may found anywhere on your body which may be upper or lower of your body. Only palms of your head and feet sole are not affected with this condition. It starts with follicles that are destroyed therefore of friction from clothing, follicle blockage, and many other reasons. Low-Level Laser therapy to get rid of these folliculitis conditions by applies them few days on the affected area.

Herpes On Face

Herpes is the unpleasant blisters on your face around chin, mouth, and nose that cause pain. In fact, a lot of the adult people are the carrier for this virus which appears due to hormonal as well as other genetic changes. It also causes pain and can transfer from one person to another easily with sex and rubbing of the skin. Low-Level Laser Therapy can help you to control over herpes but you need some alternative medicine with this therapy to get completely rid of.


To deal with all the above mention health condition you can use LLLT as the best treatment. There are a number of manufacturer and resellers that offering Low-Level Laser Therapy Devices. You can contact them or find an online shop that selling LLLT devices. You can use that device at your home if you want to get rid of these diseases yourself.

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How Effective a Cold Laser Vityas is for using in home

How Effective a Cold Laser Vityas is for using in home

One can use the cold laser devices at home for the treatment of various pain. In order to utilize this type of the device, it is important to have complete knowledge of using such devices. There are many types of models available in the market that can help the patient in the treatment of the various types of the pain. The models vary according to

  • Power output
  • Technology
  • Functionality
  • Design
  • Cost
  • After sales customer support.

As it is related to the health and the patients do not want to compromise on the health-related issues, so the person who wants to buy this useful instrument to use at home must consider following important things. This is necessary to get the best possible product available in the market with best and affordable rates.

Suitable for the pain

There are different models, which are specialized for different body parts, in order to purchase, one must confirm from the sales person that the device is suitable for the type of pain he is suffering from. One must take guidelines from the doctor or clinicians before purchasing the device. For example, the device of 905nm wavelength is best for penetration into the tissues. This type of device is useful in relieving of

  • Minor muscle and joint pain
  • Arthritis
  • Muscle spasm
  • Stiffness
  • Promote muscle relaxation and increase blood circulation.

This device is used for the temporary relief of the pain.

Specification of the laser or LED

The second important factor that one can consider is the specification or the power of the laser or LED present in the device. It is also important to check that either laser diode is present because device containing only LED is of no use. The devices contain both laser and LED simultaneously. Laser diode act as a primary light source while LED is the synergistic source is with 635nm red LED and 875nm of infrared LED.

How long does a treatment last?

Wavelength and the power out are two main factors that decide the treatment time and the effective penetration. The cold laser vityas is a specialized device which allows penetration without producing heat effects. It is programmed with the interval of 5 minutes.

 Portable and convenient to use?

The portability and the convenience are other parameters that one must consider before purchasing the laser device. The vityas is portable having weight approximately 220g and is portable. The device is affordable and one can take it anywhere because of the long battery time and life. It is the ideal device for taking during traveling.

Cold laser vityas are effective devices that one can use at home. The person using at home must know the complete knowledge of using it and carefully understands its interval time. Do not use directly towards the eyes as it may cause damage to the eyes.

The device is effective for the treatment of joint pain, swelling, and inflammation. It is useful for the patients having old joint pain they can use it to get the relief from the severe pain.

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How is cold laser therapy effective?

Cold laser therapy

Cold laser therapy also known as low level laser therapy is the treatment strategy that utilizes the specific wavelengths for the treatment of various diseases and for the healing purpose.

How is cold laser therapy effective?

It is used alone as well as in combination with other therapies to get the beneficial effects.

Although the experiments and research are going on for this type of the treatment strategy, the information related to cold laser therapy is not complete yet but is considered as the good treatment option for various disease situations. The doctors and clinicians prefer this treatment line because of the fewer side effects and more positive pharmacological effects.

Benefits of cold laser therapy

It is considered beneficial because no incision or cut is required for the treatment. Simple light in the form of photons penetrate into the skin that provides the therapeutic effects, because of the procedure, the patient does not feel any pain and get the recovery in short time.

It has many advantages as compared to the medicines. It has few side effects and good for those who avoid taking oral medications or afraid of the parental route of therapy.

How is cold laser therapy effective?

The cold laser therapy has been in used since 1967 when the researchers published about 2500 clinical studies related t the cold laser therapy.

The studies proved that the therapy is effective in relieving the pain and the related symptoms like swelling and inflammation.

The clinicians performed these studies with small groups and after that with the large groups to properly investigate the effects and the benefits of the therapy.  The research was performed to study the proper dose as well the number of the treatments required during the course of the therapy.

The studies proved that the cold laser therapy is effective for the

  • Neck pain
  • Bone and joint pain
  • Back pain
  • All type of pains that do not interfere with the daily routine activities.

Contraindications of cold laser therapy

Like other treatments, some limitations for the cold laser therapy are also present. This is contraindicated in the situation like

  • Suspicious cancerous lesions
  • Carcinoma
  • Thyroid disease
  • It is contraindicated din pregnancy as the waves emitted from the laser light can provide harm to the fetus.
  • It should not directly irradiate towards eyes as it is harmful to the eyesight.

Cold laser therapy is not a single time treatment, the patient has to visit the doctor several times. Sometimes 8 to 10 visits are required to get the full recovery. The best property of this treatment is that as there is no incision or cut requirement during the treatment, the patient feels comfortable and relaxed during the time of the therapy. So the person suffering from different pain and is annoyed of the medications can prefer this therapy to get rid of irritating pain and inflammation that hurts him. The other beneficial property is that it has fewer side effects as compare to oral therapy.

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Cold Laser Vityas — How you can get benefits from cold laser therapy

Cold Laser Vityas - How you can get benefits from cold laser therapy

Cold laser therapy also known as low level laser therapy is the treatment strategy that utilizes the specific wavelengths for the treatment of various diseases and is used for the healing purpose. It can be used on patients who suffer from a variety of acute and chronic conditions and helps to

  • eliminate pain
  • swelling
  • reduce spasms
  • Increase functionality.

Cold Lasers Work

Clinician used these useful devices by placing them directly over the injured or diseased area for thirty seconds to few minutes. The time range depends on the condition of the affected body part. It is the device having the size of a flashlight and is used in different medical situations.

Mechanism of action

The laser light works by emitting the non-thermal photons that cross the different skin layers or beneath the tissue fats of the skin. The light is so efficient and can pass about 2 to 5 centimeters inside the skin with 90 mw and830nm.

As the laser light penetrates into the skin, it starts interacting with the cells containing light sensitive elements. It is the process similar to the photosynthesis present in plants. As the plants absorb sunlight and convert it into useful energy for the growth, the laser lights work in the same manner.

Like different metabolic cycles present in the body, the laser light induces the set of the chemical reactions in the cells that help in the reduction of various disease situations like

  • Edema
  • pain
  • inflammation
  • injured tissues

So the induction of the reaction gives the positive result and the person gets relief from the painful and annoying symptoms.

Benefits in various disease conditions

Cold laser therapy is the incredible mean for the treatment of various disease conditions like

  • Arthritis
  • Back pain
  • Knee pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Neck pain.

How can Laser Therapy help athletes?

Athletes are in continues state of struggle. There have to use muscles to win the game. Sometimes it happens, that the muscles or the bones are unable to bear the stress, in that situation they may get injured or suffer from muscular pain or have stress on ligaments, tendons, and bones. In this case, they require the treatment to get healthy as soon as possible to become the part of the game again. Low laser therapy is the choice of treatment in such situations.

This treatment helps in the quick recovery as the laser light promotes natural recovery or regeneration of the damaged tissues and reenergizes the body at the cell level.

How laser therapy helps before the competition.

The laser therapy helps the athletes by improving the flexibility of the tendons and the muscles. It enhances the lymphatic system as well as the blood circulation that oxygenated all body cells. In this way the joint movement is improved, thus making the part moveable without any pain.

Post-performance recovery

The low laser therapy recovers the body parts by increasing the production of endorphins which helps in lowering of the pain. In this way the cellular growth and repair rate increases. It stimulates tissue healing by reducing the fibrous tissue growth around the injured body parts.

In this way, athletes can get the advantage of the low laser therapy or cold laser therapy. It gives the quick recovery. So the sportsmen need not worry if they get injured during their game time, this effective laser treatment will definitely help them and they can play as they wish. Thus the injured person can prefer this therapy rather than the use of painkillers or antibiotics to get the quick and satisfactory effect.

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