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Cold Laser Vityas - Portable Kit

 VITYAS-portable-Quantum-Therapy-Cold-Laser-Chiropractic-Low-Level-Laser-LLLT  VITYAS-portable-Quantum-Therapy-Cold-Laser-Chiropractic-Low-Level-Laser-LLLT  VITYAS-portable-Quantum-Therapy-Cold-Laser-Chiropractic-Low-Level-Laser-LLLT  VITYAS-portable-Quantum-Therapy-Cold-Laser-Chiropractic-Low-Level-Laser-LLLT  VITYAS-portable-Quantum-Therapy-Cold-Laser-Chiropractic-Low-Level-Laser-LLLT  VITYAS-portable-Quantum-Therapy-Cold-Laser-Chiropractic-Low-Level-Laser-LLLT  VITYAS-portable-Quantum-Therapy-Cold-Laser-Chiropractic-Low-Level-Laser-LLLT Have one to sell? Sell now VITYAS portable Quantum Therapy Cold Laser Chiropractic Low Level Laser LLLT

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Cold Laser Vityas - Portable Kit

 More Details about portable cold laser:

Ease of use, versatility and proven results – fast.

 Significant, Rapid Pain Reduction
Cold laser portable can significantly reduce pain in 3 to 15 treatment procedures. The procedures can be performed once or twice daily or every other day. Each treatment procedure takes 5 to 10 minutes.

 Designed for Professional and Home Use
Cold laser Portable is very easy to use and can be used without medical supervision at home or by a health professional or therapist at a clinic or hospital.

Use of cold laser equipments increases the speed, quality and strength of cell tissue repair, increases blood supply to the affected area, stimulates the immune system, stimulates nerve function, develops collagen and muscle tissue, helps generate new healthy cells and tissue and promotes faster wound healing and clot formation. This method can even provide significant results for the elderly, or patients suffering from long-term illness or cell damage, even in cases that were previously considered to be hopeless.

It is important to emphasize that therapy with  does not exclude other conventional medical treatment. On the contrary, combining it with other treatment may result in rapid recovery and may enable the reduction in doses of conventional drug consumption. A laser focuses light with various wavelengths. High intensity Lasers generate heat and are commonly used in surgery. Low level lasers have a positive effect on bodily tissues.

cold laser equipment neither generate heat nor scorch, and use only light, which makes them a fast, safe and precise healing measure, with no risk or after effects, and no need for surgery, anaesthetics or drugs.

  The manual contains detailed instructions for therapy: 

  • Acute and chronic bronchitis  

  • Acute and chronic rhinitis  

  • Acute pneumonia  

  • Alveolysis  

  • Arthritis, arthrosis of phalanges of hand and foot   

  • Arthritis, arthrosis     

  • Arthritis, gonarthrosis

  • Arthritis, hip joint arthrosis   

  • Arthritis, wrist joint arthrosis    

  • Axilla glandular inflammation      

  • Bone fractures    

  • Bronchial allergy       

  • Calcaneal spur 

  • Cervical erosion  

  • Cholecystitis 

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome

  • Concussions        

  • Decubitus 

  • Dermatitis

  • Depression, depressive condition

  • Disruption and hydrops of mamilla

  • Dyskinesia of bile passages  

  • Dysmenorrhoea

  • Eczema  

  • Endodontitis

  • Frigidity     

  • Furunculosis 

  • Gastrocnemius spasms    

  • Gingivitis 

  • Headaches, migraine      

  • Herpes 

  • Humeroscapular parasynovitis  

  • Insomnia

  • Irregular menses

  • Menopause neurosis

  • Meteoropathy

  • Mental overstress, eye fatigue

  • Muscles stretching treatment 

  • Myositis         

  • Neurodynia        

  • Obliterating atherosclerosis    

  • Obliterating endarteritis    

  • Open wounds   

  • Osteochondrosis  

  • Otitis         

  • Pancreatitis 

  • Peptic ulcer disease  

  • Peritenditis  

  • Phlebeurysm        

  • Radiculitis 

  • Running or blocked nose  

  • Sense of discomfort at transport trips

  • Sexual weakness 

  • Sinuitis         

  • Tonsillitis 

  • Toothache 

  • Trophic ulcer        

  • Ventricle peptic ulcer  

  • Verrucas   

  • Wrinkles 

+ Laser Acupuncture with cold laser Vityas

A focused laser beam produces a response similar to a needle but is Painless

No risk of infection

Safe to do yourself at home

Laser acupuncture mildly activates acupuncture points without needles. With the Vityas you get all the benefits if acupuncture without the discomfort. Points are located easily with the Vityas using the treatment guide and lights on top to guide you.

 - The place of using
  • Physiotherapeutic cabinets
  • Hospital and sanatorium chambers
  • House conditions
  • Beauty salons

+ Clinical effects:

  • Anesthesia
  • Improvement of power cellular potential
  • Improvement of a trophicity of tissues
  • Antihydropic effect
  • Activization of synthesis of fiber (DNA)
  • Augmentation of development and activation of enzymes
  • Rising of development ATF
  • Improvement of microcirculation, structure and functions of a blood
  • Angenesis
  • Intensifying of synthesis of a collagen
  • Anti-inflammatory action
  • Antihydropic action
  • Anesthetizing action
  • Depression of a level of a cholesterin
  • Normalization of specific and nonspecific factors of immunity
  • Potent antioxidatic effect
  • Normalization and body height of synthesis of Prostaglandinums
  • Depression of a level oxidations of lipids
  • Heating of fabric structures of superficial layers
  • Influence on the receptors located in a skin, with rising a threshold of painful sensations
  • Activization of microcirculation
  • Prophylaxis and treatment of a cellulitis
  • Intensifying of neogenesis of an epithelium and skin
  • Intensifying of penetration of laser radiation in a tissue
  • Local anesthesia
  • Improvement of microcirculation
  • Antihydropic effect
  • The expressed therapeutic effect in the field of the joints having a plenty of a quaggy connecting tissue
  • Prophylaxis and treatment of a cellulitis

              Simultaneous influence on zones:    

  • Constant magnetic field
  • Constant laser radiation of a visible (red) range
  • Variable laser radiation of an infra-red range

    Cold laser Portable device include:

     «Methodical Application Guide»


     «Methodical Manual on Reflexotherapy»

     These 2 English manual are delivered on CD-disk  

    (Microsoft Office Word files)

    Original box costs in addition $14

 VITYAS-portable-Quantum-Therapy-Cold-Laser-Chiropractic-Low-Level-Laser-LLLT  VITYAS-portable-Quantum-Therapy-Cold-Laser-Chiropractic-Low-Level-Laser-LLLT  VITYAS-portable-Quantum-Therapy-Cold-Laser-Chiropractic-Low-Level-Laser-LLLT  VITYAS-portable-Quantum-Therapy-Cold-Laser-Chiropractic-Low-Level-Laser-LLLT  VITYAS-portable-Quantum-Therapy-Cold-Laser-Chiropractic-Low-Level-Laser-LLLT  VITYAS-portable-Quantum-Therapy-Cold-Laser-Chiropractic-Low-Level-Laser-LLLT  VITYAS-portable-Quantum-Therapy-Cold-Laser-Chiropractic-Low-Level-Laser-LLLT Have one to sell? Sell now VITYAS portable Quantum Therapy Cold Laser Chiropractic Low Level Laser LLLT

Buy cold laser for home use — Cold Laser Vityas — Portable works anywhere! Insert batteries — and enjoy a reliable device operation.

Cold Laser Vityas - Portable works anywhere! Insert batteries

Use your portable Laser Anywhere!

New Vityas Portable doesn't need power socket and can be used anywhere!


+ FREE «Optical Nozzle Set»

(retail price 29$)The complete set of nozzles is intended for Vityas and applied in stomatology, otolaryngology, cosmetology, gynecology, proctology, urology, sexual pathology and reflexotherapy.
Optical nozzles set
The complete set of nozzles is intended for Vityas


TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS device Cold Laser Vityas — Portable
The device small-size , easy to use , has a self-control performance.
Control of operating modes automatic microprocessor .
Modes of the device accompanied by a sound and light indication .

Physical factors affecting the device Vityas — Portable:

   — Laser light (650 nm) red spectrum (visible ) 5 mW ;
- Laser light (850 nm) infrared ( invisible ) 5 mW ;
- The magnetic field from 5 to 50 mT.
Time machine is ready to work 5 seconds.
Overall dimensions (260 x 60 x 64 ) mm.
Class I laser safety EN60825 .
Guidance on how to use the device in detail and easy to understand (on CD-disc).

REFERENCE DATA device Cold Laser Vityas — Portable

the DC magnetic field is at least 40 mT ;
the laser diode in the red spectrum 650 ± 10 nm continuous ;
emission of infrared laser diode 850 ± 10 nm pulsed duration of 40 ms, repetition rate of 12,500 Hz, a peak power of 10 mW ;
in all modes simultaneously emit both laser total average power of about 10 mW ;
spot area effects on output of the radiator about 1 cm ²;

Cold Laser Vityas-Portable

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  ATTENTION: Before you complaint about the defective laser, please note that: this device has 2 lasers, one is red and other one is invisible for human eye, but it does work. Many peaple get confused and think it is broken.

The «Portable Cold Laser» Device has successfully underwent its clinical tests at the Scientific-Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics, the Dermatovene-rologic Dispensary of Minsk, the Physiotherapy Division of the Belarusian Medical Academy of Post-Diploma Training of the Ministry of Public Health of the Republic of Belarus, and has been recommended into medical practice because of its efficiency and operating safety.

The affection of the «Portable Cold Laser» Device may be applied both independently, and combined with medication, which in a number of cases allows to drop the du-ration and volume of medication. Treatment with the «Vityas» Device radiation does not prevent application of any other traditional and non-traditional treatment methodologies.

Application of the «Portable Cold Laser» Device is notable for absence of pain, operating safety, asepticity, a possibility to apply treatment in the doses, variable by duration and by radiation power. The advantageous features of the «Vityas» Device among other devices of its class are its reliability, compactness, ease and comfort of opera-tion, which enable to use it both at medicinal institutions, and at home.

The methods of using the quantum therapy provided in the present Methodical Guide are broadly known and have been applied in clinical practice for many years. The Guide is built on the principles of clearness, simplicity, efficiency and «make no harm».

Treatment with the «Portable Cold Laser» Device radiation does not prevent application of any other traditional and non-traditional treatment methodologies.

Portable Cold Laser for Chiropractic. Low Level Laser Therapy LLLT. Quantum

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Application of Cold Laser in Performing Therapies

Modern technology has been embraced in different fields but one of the areas it has brought great improvement is the medical field. There are various equipment, which are used in our medical facilities currently, and we are expecting advancement because every day is a learning day. Scientist never sleep, they are always trying to find easier and effective ways of treating patients. The invention of laser equipment is a plus to the researchers because a lot can be achieved for example therapies of different types. The use of cold laser has been tested and approved by medical practitioners in relief of pain and improving healing process to casualties.

When performing therapies, the cold laser is known to relief pain, quicken healing, and promote recovery by preventing re-occurrence of wounds. The use of cold laser Vityas is very effective in speeding up the healing process of normal inflammation. The cold laser, which does not produce heat, penetrates deep and enhance blood flow, stimulate immunity and promotes repair of the affected part of the body .An innovative technology called photobiostimulation is usually used with cold laser therapy to painlessly rejuvenate skin and curb hair problems such as hair loss. It is also used to treat acne, pigmentation and reduce scars on the body.

Application of Cold Laser in Performing Therapies Clinical studies reveals that cold laser does not only relief pain but also goes deep into the skin and promotes healing process. So far, it is the only type of laser known to penetrate deep into the skin, which help the body to generate new cells, increase collagen, and strengthen tissues .Research shows that the wavelength has capability of penetrating up to 5 cm and this enables the tendons, ligaments and muscle tissues to be reached painlessly. Cold laser is therefore a choice to many who would like to go through a drug free and painless process. It is also known to be effective when other kinds of therapies are not applicable and you need quick recuperation.

Cold laser therapy consists of short and painless sessions. It only takes five minute for the whole body to be covered whereby each part takes at most 1.5 minutes. According to reviews by patient, there are only a few cases reported of stimulation of nerves. The only feeling that has been reported is slight warmth, painless pulses and laser tip make contact with your skin. When treating chronic conditions, it takes a long time to feel any positive change unlike the common therapies, which yield fruits immediately.

When dealing with some conditions such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Migraine headaches, low back pain, post-surgical pain, tendinitis, fibromyalgia among other conditions, cold laser has played a major role in temporarily relieving pain. The process of reducing pain is achieved through increased endorphins on the affected tissue and normalizing the nerves to stop pain. The healing of tissues is also achieved through simulation of lymphatic system, improving histamine and serotonin production and promotion of circulation. Cold laser is normally used by professional athletes to carry out therapy during injuries .This is because it strengthens the injured part unlike the normal healing process and is also faster to recover. The cost of the therapy depends on the intense of the injury and the time required. Therefore, cold laser is the way to go when in need of laser therapy.

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Use Of Cold Laser Therapy At Home

Cold Laser Therapy:

Cold laser therapy is also known as Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). It is a medical treatment that is used for pain Relief and heals the wounds speedily.  The Cold laser therapy utilized a specific wavelength of light which interacts with your body tissues. The Low Level Laser Therapy is mostly applied on the patient who is suffering from different chronic conditions. This therapy eliminates swelling, pain and increases the flow of blood in your body.

Cold Laser Therapy At Home:

The products for Low Level Laser Therapy is at home are booming now a day. There are many products in market which are used to deal you with general types of aches and pains.

Select A Cold Laser For Home Use:

When you are going to choose a cold laser therapy product to use at home you need to focus on some factors before making a decision.

  • While selecting a cold laser, must see that you are not only wasting the money and buying a laser pointer. Choose a cold laser with a great quality and specifications.
  • What is your budget? It is really an important question you should ask from yourself. Expensive Cold Lasers are having great quality, low therapy time and high powered level. If you have any serious injury and pain issue then you have to choose an expensive and best cold laser for therapy. But if you want just a simple therapy while your relaxing time then you do not need to purchase an expensive Cold Laser Product.
  • Are you getting good desired results from home Laser Therapy? If not then you have to focus on your issue first. Then you can select a best Cold Laser product for your pain relief you can use at your home.
  • Lasers are come in 4 classes. The classes are based on the ability of these 4 classes. If you’ll use the cold laser classes without any knowledge. The misuse of product can cause a serious damage. It can also heat up your tissues.
  • One of the main issue while selecting a Cold Laser Therapy product is that how many power you need. If the power of the laser is low it may not give you pain relief and the tissue may not get proper heat. It will take more time in therapy. But if the power will high it may damage your tissues.

These factors can help you to select a best cold laser therapy product for home use.

Benefits of Cold Laser Therapy:

There are some benefits of considering a Cold Laser Therapy to use at home.

  • When you’ll purchase your own Laser device for home then you can take a therapy anytime for any kind of pain relief. It’ll make you feel relax
  •  In your busy routine it is really hard to go at clinic for therapy. In this situation it’s an easy way to take a laser therapy when you’ll get free

Using the Cold laser therapy on your home can make your life more flexible and easy.

Use Of Cold Laser Therapy At Home

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How effective is medical laser vityas in Treatment and Therapy

How effective is medical laser vityas in Treatment and Therapy

The medical field has a wide use of laser instruments. With the current laser technology, there are various types of laser used either for medical purposes or therapeutic uses. A rapid growth in this field has enabled people to access medical services at low costs and acquire easy to use devices such as medical laser vityas, laser scalpels among others. Cold laser Vityas are very portable and can be used to treat the body organs using infrared, red laser light and magnetic wave fields. Its power supply ensures that it can be used at any time and any part of the world. The patient can be easily attended to and this improves the recovery process at home and reduces the time required for the entire treatment.

There are a number of benefits that come with the use of medical laser vityas; to start with, they are of various types which make it easy to choose from a variety depending on the use; they are also easy to use because the instructions provided are well elaborated; they are also affordable and easily available at various outlets. In addition, they can be used by people of all ages and have of side effects. However, research shows that an overdose can lead to lack of effectiveness of the treatment just like any other drugs. Therefore, the exposure of the laser should be administered properly to get near perfect results.

Cold laser vityas used by practitioners have advanced features which help them perform special treatment to patients. They are operated in different modes and are considered very useful in medical learning institutions. The device is automatically performs most of the functions for example turning on and off and time the treatment sessions accordingly. The list of diseases treated by medical laser vityas is endless ranging from skin issues, internal organ treatment, therapy, bone abnormalities and gynecological issues among others. The rate of metabolism can be regulated by use of medical laser vityas whereby cells are activated to function as expected.

The current world does not require a medical practitioner to be treating you, there is need to acquire a domestic device called medical laser vityas which will always accompany you every time you need therapy. No need to keep spending a lot of money when you can save and still receive the same measure of satisfaction and at the comfort of your seat. Sooth your body with a device that causes no harm to your body but solves your problem forever. The medical field is adding value to the lives of people who least expected it. No turning back for laser technology and other technologies that are useful to the entire society. A healthy person is a wealthy person in that he can acquire what he want working hard and smart.

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Use of Laser Cosmetics to Resurface the Skin

Use of Laser Cosmetics to Resurface the Skin

Skin resurfacing may involve use of laser cosmetics to revive the skin by removing sun burns, aging marks, acne and other visible skin problems. The cosmetic products are vital because they are applied after the laser treatment takes place. The current technology ensures that people who undergo laser cosmetics leap the best results ever because the process is painless, effective and carried out by professionals. The process involves the removal of damaged skin which allows rejuvenation of more adorable and healthier skin. It has also been noted that laser cosmetics is cost effective and people at different levels of life can afford.

Laser cosmetics can be applied to people from different races and give excellent results. However, people have different tones of skin and types which may hinder effectiveness of the process. Some people may have skins which are very sensitive to use of cosmetics and thus the results would not be pleasing .This may eve worsen the condition of the skin. The major role of the dermatologist is to advise the patient on what to do with her skin and then everything else is done accordingly. Therefore, it is advisable not to compare your skin with your friend’s but rather consult before undergoing any treatment.

Dermatologists advises that the best patient to undergo laser skin resurfacing is the one free from any medical prescriptions and one who has tried other mild products but are not working anymore. For example acne is very common both to young and old and some skins do not respond to the medication .Some products also leave blemishes which are not appealing to the eyes. When laser cosmetics is employed, the laser skin resurfacing ensures that no more outbreak of scars and the blemishes are cleared layer after layer. In this case, there are two broad ways of treating acne using laser resurfacing: The treatment may involve use of a scanner which eliminate one layer of the affected skin at a time; the second method involves two wavelengths which are capable of moving deep into the skin and extract the unwanted skin. This captivates skin rejuvenation and enhances quick recovery procedure.

Laser technology in cosmetics is  spreading at a very  high rate and many people are intending to try it because it is possible to address different skin problems  such as wrinkles because no one want to look old, sun damages  and acne. The market seem to be expanding with the positive results and people no longer fear undergoing laser treatment because of its evident benefits. Patients are able to recover within the shortest time possible and spend less for the process. Therefore, cosmetologists should now concentrate on enhancing the use of laser cosmetics to get perfect results .This is possible by learning new ways of dealing with sensitive skins and people with medical complication to enable them enjoy the power of laser cosmetics.

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Magic Ways of Treating Diseases Using Vityas Cold Laser

Magic Ways of Treating Diseases Using Vityas Cold Laser

The modern medical world is embracing the use of natural light to enhance the wellbeing of our body organs. While dealing with different diseases, the new technology is highly encouraging use of Vityas cold laser to carry out therapies and has been proven very effective. The cold lasers are convenient because they can be used at home and this revives our health at any moment. Vityas cold laser have been tested and are considered safe with no side effects on human cells. They work in a magic way by restoring the cells functionality through proper oxygen movement, energy and nutrients absorption into the body. The process helps in rejuvenating cells functioning and pain relief for the patient.

Vityas cold laser device can be used to treat different organs in the body because it produces different types of rays thus captivating results. The Vityas cold laser device is well known in different parts of the world for its functionality which leaves millions of people contented .It gets rid of different diseases such as trophic ulcers, peptic ulcers, stomach diseases, trauma and bruises among other diseases. The device is said to have zero failure and therefore an indicator that the results are error free. However, a patient is required to seek advice before using the cold laser to avoid misuse of the device. The cold laser Vityas can be categorized as VIP-laser, Basic and Portable and they are all convenient to use by both medical expert and other people for therapeutic purposes.

Therapy done at home has made life easier for millions of people and pain is no more a bother. The cold laser is very effective in performing therapy for both people and animal. The laser Therapy done at home reliefs pains first then wrinkles are reduced to enhance rejuvenation of the organ affected .It is considered super safe and easy to use with few instructions from the practitioner. The question that bothers most user is how to choose the right cold laser and when is the right time to start using it .Therapy can be done any time you feel stressed, when you have an injury and even when you feel so exhausted .This is because different organs of the body need work together for normal functioning and this requires revitalization every now and then. The cold laser uses either red or infrared wavelength or therefore no need to worry about the type of the cold laser.

The patients are looking for more benefits from digitally enhanced technology and scalar waves is the way to go. The Scalar Wave Laser is an advancement of cold laser which comes with multiple benefits like anti-aging benefit, pain relief, skin defects, cells renewal and bones .The laser technology is therefore a beneficial technology and has also made therapy affordable to all households. No more pain with laser technology!

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What is Deep Tissue Therapy Laser Therapy?

What is Deep Tissue Therapy Laser Therapy?

No one wants to go under knife to treat injury. But, if there is no way without it then it will be a great idea. Surgery for treating injury is done in many ways. It is in trend. The majority of the celebrities go for this procedure. The most famous process among ladies and gents is Laser therapy. It is the best way that reduces the injury effects by healing it up. There are several clinics have been established around the globe for this purpose. It offers maximum quality of hard and soft tissue low laser therapy for reducing pain of injury. It ensures a youthful appearance by restoring fine lines. It helps in removing inflammation.

What is Low Laser Therapy?

Laser therapy is an FDA approved procedure that is done with the help of the photon energy and light. With the help of the infrared spectrum it is an ideal way to decrease pain and inflammation. It is known as deep tissue laser therapy.

Pros of the is Low Laser Therapy

Laser therapy produces chemical reactions at the cell level. The photon electricity increases the speed of restoration technique, increases metabolism and improves circulation on the location of damage. It has been proven to be powerful in the remedy of acute pain and damage, inflammation, chronic pain and publish-operative situations. It has been shown to accelerate the restoration of damaged nerves, tendons and muscle groups.

Conditions when it should not be taken?

  1. At the incision, there is a great risk of infection, dangers of anesthesia, blood clots, nerve damage and scarring.
  2. It has many risks of damaging that part of the body which is under cosmetic surgery.
  3. These are not suitable for all skin types
  4. It can react on your sensitive skin
  5. These are mild but can create rashes due to the early expiry

How to go for health care?

Some of the procedures of the laser therapy are highly expensive. If you are going for health treatment then you must need health insurance. This Low laser therapy is not expensive and offers to get the reasonable financial aid. It is a good way that is an ultimate solution of financial issues related to the health problems. It energizes the body. It is FDA approved product that has no side effects.

  1. It aids in maintaining health
  2. It delivers strength to the muscles
  3. It is safe and secure because it does not contain any artificial method
  4. It is natural and safe
  5. It reduces pain by healing the injury
  6. It strengthens cells function

What will you feel during laser therapy?

It is a safe and secure treatment that offers quick results. It offers soothing warmth by reducing pain in the affected area. When the energy penetrates in the tissues it boosts the strength and power of the body. It takes only five to ten minutes to cure. For the patients who are restless from pain and do not want to go for surgery it is a great treatment. The Class IV laser therapy offers a strength output of 9 watts. This is in contrast to class iii lasers which perform at .5 watts. It will accomplish in six minutes what the class iii laser accomplishes in 120 minutes or 2 hours.

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How Low laser therapy is beneficial for the users?

How Low laser therapy is beneficial for the users?

For getting rid of pain and other health issues Low laser therapy is the right option. It is one of the simplest and instant ways to get rid of the pain and inflammation in the body. Due to the several health benefits it is highly wonderful treatment. Any kind of physical therapy contains combination of treatments including guided exercise and manual therapy with various technical tools. Laser therapy is one of the most instant healing procedures of any injury. It contains various types of powers as per the injury type. It is designed to reduce pain, decrease inflammation and enhance the mobility.

How laser therapy treats the cell?

With certain wavelength of the light it interacts with muscles and penetrates in the tissues to repair. It is a speed healing process. By producing light, the laser stimulates photoreceptors in human pores and skin and the mitochondria in our cells. Broken cells have a physiological response to the light that promotes regeneration and restoration. The remedy technique was founded at the truth that sure wavelengths of mild motive your tissues to heal in distinct methods.

How Does The Laser Therapy Heal?

Distinctive wavelengths and outputs are used relying on what precisely you’re seeking to treat. There are different protocols to reduce irritation, lower pain, heal bones, or even lessen the formation of scarring on the pores and skin. For the duration of the process, you’ll feel the tool in opposition to your pores and skin, however it creates no warmth, sound, or vibration—making it noninvasive, painless, and absolutely sterile.

Incorporating Cold Laser Into Your Treatment

Laser therapy helps in strengthening the joints, muscles and injured bones. It reduces your recovery time by healing up injured bone. By reducing pain and numbness it heals quickly and effectively. It is wonderful for treating fractures, contusions, bruises, burns, strains and sprains.

  • Reduces pain from body
  • Prevents the skin from the aging effects.
  • Allows the collagen production under the skin cells.
  • Provides better shape and volume to the cells and tissues.
  • Offers natural healing procedure by repairing the damaged part.


It has no side effects. You must be careful if you have any kind of allergy. It is forbidden for pregnant ladies. If your infant is on your breast feeding then it is forbidden. At the incision, there is a great risk of infection, dangers of anesthesia, blood clots, nerve damage and scarring.

  1. It has many risks of damaging that part of the body which is under cosmetic surgery.
  2. These are not suitable for all body types
  3. It can react on your sensitive skin
  4. These are mild but can create rashes due to the early expiry

For reducing pain and treating the injury you will discover distinctive sorts of food, pills and workout system around you. The use of this low laser therapy will help you in repairing cells and tissues from your body. It initiates the immune system of your body also. If you want to get rid of pain form injury quickly, then you can take assistance from this innovative method. These are very effective in lessening the pain rapidly. It is the genuine approach to get rid of the intense pain and inflammation from your body. It is an incredible way to heal up your injury.

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Signs, causes and treatment of Sesamoiditis

Signs, causes and treatment of Sesamoiditis

Sesamoiditis is disorder that influences the forefoot. It happens to those young individuals who are busy in physical activities like dancing and running.

Sesamoid bone foot toe

In the ball of foot on the inner or medial side it starts paining. It is a general term that is for irritation of the Sesamoiditis bones. These bones are tiny and are within the tendons. It runs to the big toe. It increases the leverage of the tendons controlling the toe. For hitting and pushing with the toes this bone involves in it. Due to this reason it can be fractured or irritated.

Causes of Sesamoiditis

The pain and inflammation starts as mild ache and enhances gradually. It can transform into intense throbbing. In some patients no redness and bruising can be seen but it is highly painful to move the fore-front of the foot. Pain increases with the increase in the activities. Hill work and Speed work are the prime reasons of this pain.


  • Redness and bruising
  • Swelling
  • Severe pain

Home treatment for sesamoid

Ice and rest are two home treatments for this issue. It is the fact that the swelling due to sesamoid cannot allow you to move. Due to light movement and the light walking it can increase. Rest relieves the pressure implemented to the sesamoid tissue, muscles, bones and tendons on the bottom of the foot. Especially lowering walking or strolling on hard surfaces gives the sesamoid bones a risk to heal. Use flexible shoes will assist reduce the pressure at the ball the foot.

Laser treatment

With the help of the low level laser therapy and cold level laser therapy this problem can be treated. For reducing inflammation and pain it heals and repairs the damaged bone. Class 4 cold laser uses certain wavelength for penetrating deeply. It goes into the tissues and for repair and cellular growth. It is an excellent option to increase the cellular ATP energy. It can be used for helping the cell maintenance quickly and removing the waste products. Ligaments, tendons and muscles expose to low level laser repair. It regenerates more quickly than tissue.


Treat it with Cold laser therapy

It is mentioned above that rest and ice compress can improve the conditions of the swelled joint. It helps to strengthen the muscles around the affected muscles. It maintains the flexibility of the tendon and makes them comfortable for movement. It reduces the stiffness of the muscles by decreasing the swelling. Weight management can help to improve the conditions of the diseases. Pressure on the sesmoid bone can enhance the burden or stress on the weight bearing joints. Try to eat the food of fewer calories and reduce the physical activity. You can handle it by reducing negative symptoms of it.

Outcomes of LLLT

This therapy can do a lot in this regard; it helps to reduce the pain. It is an anti-inflammatory way that is used to decrease the pain and swelling. It gives positive results in maintaining the health of the patient. Some analgesic drugs can also be used to provide relief from the symptoms on a regular basis, as these are the pain reliever.  The outcomes or the side effects of these drugs are very dangerous. Some of the patients faces the ulcer in stomach, nausea, abdominal inflammation, blood in stool and many more.

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Wrinkles Treatment with Low Level Laser Therapy

Wrinkles Treatment with Low Level Laser Therapy

Curing with Laser/light is a neither dangerous nor intrusive which uses light beam to repair and recover skin cells. The technique lessens the requirement for solution, enhances the results for treated skin conditions and expands the recuperation rates of influenced body cells.


Why pick laser/light treatment for wrinkles

Advantages of laser/light treatment include:

•             Less requirement for pain killer pills taking after the procedure.

•             Increased vitality for cells in the treatment territory.

•             Improved insusceptible reaction.

•             Improved recuperating reaction.

•             Promotion of collagen for new skin creation.

•             Better lymphatic waste, prompting decreased swelling.

•             Improved blood course in treatment zone.

•             Reduced irritation.


What you ought to think about laser/light treatment for wrinkles?


In the period laser/light treatment, a low energy laser beam typically red color is concentrated to the zone of wrinkled skin. The laser transfer energy packets around three creeps into the skin. Mitochondria in the skin layers retain the red laser light, bringing about an expansion of adenosine triphosphate (ATPs) levels, prompting an increment in solid cell generation. The procedure likewise advances recuperating by expanding creation of collagen, proteins and cell development. The expanded collagen creation keeps scar tissue from shaping.

Wrinkles Treatment with Low Level Laser Therapy

Conceivable Dangers


Likewise with any curing procedure, there are dangers related it, however they are limited in the hands of a qualified ASDS skin specialist. That consists of:


•             Hurt

•             Inflammation

•             Loss of color

•             Wastage of blood

•             Sepsis of wound

•             Blackening

•             Hardening


Expenditure of the treatment


The normal expenditure for laser/light treatment is maximum $1,200. In fact laser/light treatment for defected skin is generally viewed as a restorative therapy; treatment ordinarily isn’t secured by most therapeutic insurance organizations

Wrinkles Treatment with Low Level Laser Therapy

Step By Step Instructions to Get Ready for the Technique


Prior to the methodology, an ASDS skin specialist will normally survey the patient’s restorative history and lead a physical exam. This is the ideal opportunity for the specialist and patient to talk about desires, possible dangers and results of the method. Patients likewise ought to:


• keep away from direct sunlight, tanning beds, applying wax, synthetic wrappings or collagen infusions for 14 days before the technique.


• Stay away from aromas, antiperspirants or any potential aggravations in the treatment region previously, prior and after the treatment.


• Do not use aspirin, mitigating medications and home grown supplements because of expanded danger of blood wastage.


What’s in Store after the Procedure?


Effected person may not perceive any noteworthy changes unless a few days after the operation. Other post-method problems consist:


• Treated territory might be inflamed for few hours after treatment.


• A minor hurtful sensation, like mellow sunburn in the treated region. This sensation normally dies down inside few hours. Ice packets or soggy materials might be used to lessen the sensation.


• Minor puffiness in the treatment range that ordinarily disseminates inside a few days.


Moreover, patients ought to:


• keep away from applying cosmetics or salve to the treated territory for either a single day or until all signs or redness and hurt have disseminated.


• Apply a decent saturating salve to the treated territory two times every day for the span of the medications and for no less than three months after conclusive treatment.


Finding a Specialist for your Laser/light Treatment

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