Quantum Therapy – Working & Benefits of VITYAS Portable Cold Laser for Quantum Treatments

Quantum Therapy – Working & Benefits of VITYAS Portable Cold Laser for Quantum Treatments

«Quantum treatments» as a development in medical practice, Introduced in 1998 and became an encouraging section of modern medical research. It is according to the utilization of modern successes in biochemistry, physics and medical research in medical procedures.

A single group of targeted healing and diagnostic methods predicated on the connections of the low-energy level of electromagnetic rays or laser are applied on your body to retrieve its homeostasis, somatic and energy levels. This medication is not predicated on the action of chemical compounds introduced into the body as well as the organism reactions to weak electromagnetic areas; it comes back to equilibrium, also called a «stable state».

How Quantum Therapy Works?

Quantum devices use the low level laser that put radiation energy in living cells and skin cells. Low-intensity laser rays stimulate the metabolic activity of skin cells as well as activate the functions of life and restoration process.

Laser rays boost microcirculation, reduce bloating of tissues, and stimulate the forming of monocytic and neutrophilic hurdle to the formulation of bactericidal chemicals to avoid the different restorative effect.

After contact with the most characteristic changes in metabolism in the cell include mitochondrial energy Improvement, glycolysis boosting, active ATP synthesis, respiratory enzymes activity boosting, reduced free radicals development as well as boosting the resistance of the organism to adverse influences.


Concepts of Quantum Therapy

Inside the quantum impact of low-intensity, physical remedies are the foundation for interaction movement of photons with atoms and substances of the subject. Electromagnetic energy of a photon is changed into the energy of bonding of atoms and other substance through photosynthesis which is quantum treatment foundation.

Medical studies had defined the degrees of therapeutic dosages of laser energy and the quantum results for different age ranges. With regards to the intensity of the manifestations and varieties of disease were chosen different degrees of laser radiation impacts on human tissues.


Benefits of Low-Intensity of Quantum Therapy

Painless Treatment

Uncomplicated impact and environmentally safe practices are the first factors that are the main reason for the popularity of this laser therapy. Most of the people fear from the pain during treatment.


Secure Treatment

This treatment does not have any side effect so that is why people prefer them on other treatment available for pain and other issues. The radiation dosage that is given to patients is also secure.


Portability Feature

There are a number of manufacturers that offer laser used in this treatment with the portable feature. In this, you are able to complete the treatment procedure at the medical center as well as at your home with the portable laser.


Quick Healing

You do not need to wait for a long time for taking medicine and other treatment required for healing. This treatment helps you for quick healing within few days or weeks. Which is also considered as the major factor in the popularity of this treatment?


Cost-effective Treatment

After the innovation in technology and portable laser devices, this treatment is now a cost effective way of treatment because you don’t need more medicine as well as need to wait for your appointment.

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