Signs, causes and treatment of Sesamoiditis

Signs, causes and treatment of Sesamoiditis

Sesamoiditis is disorder that influences the forefoot. It happens to those young individuals who are busy in physical activities like dancing and running.

Sesamoid bone foot toe

In the ball of foot on the inner or medial side it starts paining. It is a general term that is for irritation of the Sesamoiditis bones. These bones are tiny and are within the tendons. It runs to the big toe. It increases the leverage of the tendons controlling the toe. For hitting and pushing with the toes this bone involves in it. Due to this reason it can be fractured or irritated.

Causes of Sesamoiditis

The pain and inflammation starts as mild ache and enhances gradually. It can transform into intense throbbing. In some patients no redness and bruising can be seen but it is highly painful to move the fore-front of the foot. Pain increases with the increase in the activities. Hill work and Speed work are the prime reasons of this pain.


  • Redness and bruising
  • Swelling
  • Severe pain

Home treatment for sesamoid

Ice and rest are two home treatments for this issue. It is the fact that the swelling due to sesamoid cannot allow you to move. Due to light movement and the light walking it can increase. Rest relieves the pressure implemented to the sesamoid tissue, muscles, bones and tendons on the bottom of the foot. Especially lowering walking or strolling on hard surfaces gives the sesamoid bones a risk to heal. Use flexible shoes will assist reduce the pressure at the ball the foot.

Laser treatment

With the help of the low level laser therapy and cold level laser therapy this problem can be treated. For reducing inflammation and pain it heals and repairs the damaged bone. Class 4 cold laser uses certain wavelength for penetrating deeply. It goes into the tissues and for repair and cellular growth. It is an excellent option to increase the cellular ATP energy. It can be used for helping the cell maintenance quickly and removing the waste products. Ligaments, tendons and muscles expose to low level laser repair. It regenerates more quickly than tissue.


Treat it with Cold laser therapy

It is mentioned above that rest and ice compress can improve the conditions of the swelled joint. It helps to strengthen the muscles around the affected muscles. It maintains the flexibility of the tendon and makes them comfortable for movement. It reduces the stiffness of the muscles by decreasing the swelling. Weight management can help to improve the conditions of the diseases. Pressure on the sesmoid bone can enhance the burden or stress on the weight bearing joints. Try to eat the food of fewer calories and reduce the physical activity. You can handle it by reducing negative symptoms of it.

Outcomes of LLLT

This therapy can do a lot in this regard; it helps to reduce the pain. It is an anti-inflammatory way that is used to decrease the pain and swelling. It gives positive results in maintaining the health of the patient. Some analgesic drugs can also be used to provide relief from the symptoms on a regular basis, as these are the pain reliever.  The outcomes or the side effects of these drugs are very dangerous. Some of the patients faces the ulcer in stomach, nausea, abdominal inflammation, blood in stool and many more.

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