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peptic ulcer

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Peptic ulcer.

Peptic ulcer: Symptoms of stomach ulcers. Symptoms of gastric ulcer - Cold laser vityas.

When you periodically disturbed epigastric pain, left shoulder blade, in the lumbar spine, thoracic spine, then perhaps you have a stomach ulcer. Pay attention to the time of occurrence of unpleasant feelings: immediately after a meal or after some time. It can tell which part of the stomach struck. Sometimes the pain is so severe that you have to get up during the night and take the medicine.

Symptoms of stomach ulcers are different. The nature of their occurrence is affected by several factors: location, depth and size of the ulcer, the level of acidity of gastric juice, a person’s age. But among the various signs of peptic ulcer as the main symptom experts distinguish pain that occurs with a certain frequency and is associated with food intake. Given the time that has passed between meals and the time of occurrence of pain, distinguish «hungry» pain, early and late.

By «hungry» pain and that occurs at night, carry arising after 2.5-4 hours after eating. They usually disappear within half an hour after you eat. Such pain symptoms typical ulcer pyloric stomach.

When the pain starts to feel 1,5-2 hours after eating, call them later. And the more time passes, the greater the pain, which is explained by the gradual release of stomach contents. Later characterized pyloric ulcers.

With regard to early pain while their appearance half an hour after the meal. Such pain for two hours may be exacerbated, and then as you move food from the stomach into the duodenum, gradually subside. Early pain specific to gastric ulcers body.

If struck other parts of the stomach, the feeling of pain appears immediately after a meal.

A large number of lesions of the stomach and duodenum lead to the reconciliation of the various manifestations of pain.

The degree of pain is directly related to where in the damaged stomach, how many years a person if there are complications. Most often, the pain is removed antisecretory agents.

Localization of pain is a source of information about the location of the ulcer. For example, if you feel pain on the left, it is likely to be amazed subcardial ulcer and gastric cardia. If you feel pain on the right — in the pyloric end of the defect. However, this information does not guarantee the accurate location of pathology. Ulcers of the upper part of the stomach cause atypical chest pain. You may feel pain in the lumbar region, under the shoulder blade (can be both right and left), between the shoulder blades. Pain radiates character peculiar to such complications of peptic ulcer disease, as penetration or perforation.

Feeling the pain often associated with heartburn, regurgitation sudden, feelings of nausea, constipation, feeling of heaviness in the stomach. In some cases, brings relief vomiting gastric juice. Therefore, in order to facilitate the well-being of people suffering from peptic ulcer, deliberately induce vomiting. Understandably, patients with gastric ulcer lose weight: for they have to restrict your diet to avoid amplification of pain.

Gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer have a negative impact on the development of the cancer process. If you suffer from peptic ulcer, then systematically consult a gastroenterologist and go through gastroscopy, during which the expert takes samples of the gastric mucosa. This procedure will help your doctor promptly identify cell neoplasms, if any, and appropriate treatment.

More details about the symptoms and complications of ulcers.

Thus, the main clinical symptom of peptic ulcer — a pain that is felt in the pit area at the center of the abdomen. Atypical manifestations of pain — moving with pain in the left and right upper quadrant, in the area around the navel, in the area of the back. Pain syndrome tied to food intake. In spring and autumn the disease escalates. Admission antacids and milk will help you locate the pain. Improve health can cause vomiting.

Depending on the location of the lesion of gastric mucosa pain will manifest itself in different ways. In that case, when the plague struck the body of the stomach, to talk about «early» pain. It manifests itself about an hour after eating, going on about 2 hours and gradually fades.

Duodenal ulcers or lesions of the stomach prepiloricheskogo entail «late» pain that occurs when after the meal took about two hours, and night pain, due to which the patients have to wake up and eat, or to resort to drugs.

Pain syndrome is often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, belching, heaviness, bulging and overflowing in the stomach. In most cases, a good appetite, but in situations where food intensifies the pain, patients reduce the amount of food consumed.

Whether there is a stomach ulcer symptoms without?

When it comes to the elderly, diabetics, persons who take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or abuse alcohol, you may encounter such cases, when the disease has no symptoms or symptoms are expressed. Due to lack of evidence of a stomach ulcer for a long time remains undiagnosed, the disease takes the form of running, and help doctors treat patients when already developed complications.

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