Things You Need To Know Before Buying Cold Laser Vityas

Things You Need To Know Before Buying Cold Laser Vityas

Cold Laser Vityas Buyer’s Guide

Over 3000 medical reports on cold laser vityas prove that it is safe. The users can do their own research to know more about these cold lasers. Using the cold lasers on animals is not considered harmful at all, but according to the FDA, the low-level cold lasers must be used on humans.

What should you know before purchasing the cold lasers?             

The Wavelength

The wavelength means the wavelength of the cold laser light which is directed towards the body. The light promotes the change in the body tissues; the penetration of the light into the skin depends on the wavelength. Mostly the cold lasers have the light which operates at a wavelength of 800nm to 940nm. This is the ideal wavelength as it will not react with your blood or water in the body. This wavelength only reacts with the tissues and the bones of the body. It is why you should always purchase the cold laser which has the wavelength which falls between this. If you want deep penetration of light you can purchase the cold laser with the wavelength between 800 to 940nm.  Do not purchase higher wavelength cold laser, as it will be less effective.

The Pulsing Frequency

Turning the light on and off can also improve the effectiveness of the cold laser. There are many systems which operate by turning on and off the laser with various pulsing frequencies, which has many proven benefits. There are many manufacturers that provide the pulsing mechanism in the cold laser systems. There hasn’t been any consensus on pulsing. Many manufacturers use the sweeping pulse to get the best pulsing frequency for better results and some use the continuous pulse. It is up to you to choose the unit depending on your preference.


One of the most importance factors for the better effectiveness of the cold laser is power. The best or the optimum power will provide better results. With more power, the unit can produce faster results than the low power units. But, make sure that you do not choose the unit with too much or too little power. Both these extremes will give you inconsistent results. Power matters a lot while choosing the cold laser.

The Area of Treatment

The area which you are treating with the laser can be used as the trigger point. Many therapists and acupuncturist use the focused beam to carry out the treatment i.e. acupuncture in the human ear without needles or the small pet. If you are looking to do the same, then purchase the cold laser with a focused beam. If you cannot find that, then ensure that your unit has the adapter to focus the laser beam onto the affected area.  Purchase the unit that has a larger diameter.

The Protocols

The protocols are for the user information. These protocols give the information about the type of treatment or how to setup the unit to treat the particular condition. You can use the cold laser to treat the human skin or the animal skin. Many lasers come with the manuals which are in a cookbook style. You may also find lasers which have manuals based on guidelines.

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