Uses of Acupuncture Laser Therapy

Uses of Acupuncture Laser Therapy

Acupuncture is an alternative form of different medicines in which a thin needle inserts into the body. It is a traditional Chinese medicine method, to treat with various diseases.

Methods of Treatment:

An acupuncture laser device is the same as normal acupuncture except that instead of traditional penetrating needles its laser light is used for the treatment, which is great for people that don’t like needles. Treating with laser acupuncture is the stimulation of acupuncture pathways which transmit electrical impulses through the nervous system. General laser therapy is the application of infrared light and/or visible red light to injured or damaged local tissue directly on the affected area, without the stimulation of the pathways.

More about Laser Acupuncture:

• Very low doses of laser — Treatment length is lower, seconds rather than minutes

• Lower laser powers used 1.5mw just like a pencil laser

• It uses various acupuncture pathways

• Tissues near the surface of the skin are stimulated

• Stimulates an acupuncture point in seconds, and doesn’t need further stimulation.

• Application of the laser requires point location on the body.

This therapy is applied to the points of acupuncture that is cause a brain stimulation pattern, identical physiological response, as needle acupuncture regularly without any sensation.

Two Basic Ways of Laser Therapy:

• To stimulates the therapeutic responses bathing a soft tissue with the light

• To promote the therapeutic responses by stimulating the acupuncture points with the help of laser light.

Soft Tissues Injuries:

Injuries like sprains, tendons, carpal tunnel syndrome, Joint pain, the light of laser applied to the affected area of a body. During the treatment a light contact with the tissues, the cells release the metabolic waste through absorbing and excretion the nutrients easily and the cells respond to therapeutic energy. It increases the flow of blood by opening the blood vessels which further drains the injury, promotes healing and supplies nutrients.

Injury Cured Quickly:

Typical with the help of Acupuncture therapy the pain is cured and healing is allowed to happen very fast, often twice as fast as normal. It has found that this laser therapy is not only a painless process infect it shows really results on the patient with fewer treatment than with needle acupuncture.

Photo-Stimulation Mechanism:

The process is based on the photo-stimulation mechanism in which light is used to complete the biological changes. During this therapy the body organ cells undergo electrochemical, structural and biochemical changes which helps in the functioning of that organ which is improved and a patient gets relief from pain.

Beneficial Treatment:

Laser acupuncture is beneficial in almost all types of physical problems except some and doctors prefer it in the treatment where there are chances of cross infections. The peripheral acupuncture points located on the ears, hand and feet respond more quickly to laser acupuncture than other treatments.

Biological effects:

A laser beam of energy enters the acupuncture point and begins a cascade of beneficial biological effects:

• Tissue Repair and Cell Growth

• Anti- inflammation

• Anti-Pain (Analgesia)

• Immunoregulation

• Improved Nerve Function

• Improvement in Vascular Activity

• Increase in Metabolic Activity

• Trigger Point Resolution & Acupuncture Point Stimulation

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