Vityas Cold Laser

Advancement in modern therapeutic medicine has presented us with Vityas cold laser, a specialized device that can be used easily at home in order to treat a variety of ailments effectively utilizing infrared ray, red laser light and the magenic field simultaneously. Many well renowned hospitals are using this equipment replacing drugs and complex surgeries.

Cold Laser Vityas - Portable Kit

Exceeding 200 health disorders consisting a list of diseases in the field of dentistry, dermatology and gynaecology can completely be treated painlessly by applying Vityas cold laser therapy. ENT patients and prostate related cases of limited mobility receive this particular type of laser therapy simply at home. In the field of pain management due to any sort of inflammations, Vityas causes pain relief by reducing the synthesis of chemical mediators (PGE₂ and Bradykinin).


The therapeutic effects of Vityas cold laser reaches the goal absorbing the radiant energy offered by it. Here, the magnetic field of Vityas enhances the effect which positively affect the target cells leading to cure. It has passed through thousands of professional tests in clinical trials before its beginning of actual therapeutic application. Although this invention can be applied in case of a wide range of diseases irrespective of age and sex, the application of the device is contraindicated in certain clinical conditions such as pregnancy, convulsion, renal failure, hepatic failure, cancer, urinary stone and insulin-dependent diabetes.

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