What is LLLT?

Laser therapy is based on the useful purpose of healing by using light.

The procedure of LLLT, which is short for Low-Level Laser Therapy, involves the use of red and near-infrared monochromatic light to further the body’s natural healing process. To do this, the light source is placed in contact with the skin, thereby allowing the photons (light energy) to penetrate tissue where it reacts and hence increases circulation and thereby aids in restoring the normal cellular function. Unlike surgical lasers, LLLT does not break the skin.

This procedure of healing has also gone the approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The method most recommended for temporary pain relief, LLLT goes by many other names like a cold laser, soft laser, non-thermal laser, bio stimulation laser, and low-intensity laser. Most commonly used in a chiropractic’s office. The cold lasers are used for therapy and they make use of low-level light to stimulate healing. Vityas laser, a multipurpose cold laser provides the most advanced healing therapy for managing pain at home.

Depending on the condition of the pain and the severity of the problem and keeping the goals in mind, the low energy pulses are adjusted accordingly for deeper and forceful penetration into the tissues. The light energy which helps in the healing process is delivered either by a large device which enables multiple laser emissions at once or by a smaller manually operated hand-held device which targets smaller specific areas, thus passing through the skin layers to the tissue which is creating the inflammation and pain. For the treatment, the laser device is held against the skin covering the area which is being cured. The light energy that is emitted is absorbed and then it undergoes conversion to change into biochemical energy which stimulates the cells. Through this process, the cells’ natural healing process is stimulated, which reduces pain, causes increased blood flow, and enhances the repairing of the broken tissue.

LLLT is not recommended on all cases. To recommend this, the condition must be diagnosed by a practitioner to confirm whether the problem is pain from a neuromusculoskeletal condition that is caused by aging, genetics or injury and also check that there is no presence of any disqualifying condition or contradiction for laser use. For instance, pregnant women are not suitable candidates for LLLT.

There are indeed various protocols for LLLT. The treatment provider must be aware of the exact cause, location, degree and also frequency of back pain in order to choose the suitable protocol that guarantees optimum performance. A thorough understanding of the exact condition of the back pain proves invaluable to manage the treatment and also determine the number and frequency of treatments required to ensure maximum benefit. This varies according to each patient depending on their problems and their response to the treatment.

LLLT is used for the treatment of both acute and chronic pain. It helps in treating wounds, inflammation and also various other types of musculoskeletal injuries and other kinds of disorders.

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