Why Cold Laser Vityas are popular for Quantum Therapy?

Why Cold Laser Vityas are popular for Quantum Therapy?

Low-Intensity Of Cold Laser Beam For Quantum Therapy


Today there exists a great selection of low-intensity quantum equipment for therapy like a cold laser and much more. This allows us to fulfill the major demands of doctors as well as the research institutes of the Ministry of Health.


How These Equipment Are Selected?


The equipment is differentiated by the laser energy emission, the inclusion of pulsed or continuous laser emitters, a selection of the spectrum emission wavelength, choosing the right frequency modulation and power. Power products are categories according to the safety of laser and radiation. Safety should the determined by that how this device works for the different environment including home, medical centre as well as keeping in mind the protection of the individual and medical person using this for treatment.


Why Are These Laser Used Commonly Now?


The boosting of vehicles numbers, increasing degrees of radiated energy, multiple emitters, and a number of nozzles in the pack from a higher selling price of products are the major factor of buying these lasers.

A lot of settings and the complexness of this selection require very skilled healthcare providers to execute therapeutic procedures. They are therefore better suited for doing research and for hospitals & clinics, which provide therapy to a number of patients.

The equipment of quantum remedy known as the «Cold laser beam Vityas» is seen as a low control with low restorative regimes, the safe degree of laser rays, small affordability, and size. At the same therapeutic effect made by the equipment of «Vityas» with the results of the effect of complex and expensive equipment.


Physical And Biological Effects Of The Principles Of Quantum


Cold Laser vityas have three type of effects which include red light laser beam radiation, laser beam infrared rays aa well as the magnetic field.

Rays in red range penetrate the physical body structure to a depth of 2 cm, infrared penetrates the physical body to 6 cm as well as the magnetic field penetrates your body cells widely.

How These Laser Works?

The energy of laser that is utilized by tissues, will partially change into thermal energy. On another hand,  heating of tissues is significantly less than a tenth of any degree that can’t make a substantial thermal therapy. Only the flat iron atoms are affected by the magnetic field, which will be the blood skin cells or substances in enzymes as well as protein also wouldn’t normally have to cause the healing effect.

However, the aspect of the effect becomes clearer at the quantum level microcosm of electrons and atoms. Laser principle enables the atom and electron to absorb partially the energy of light. The energy of the electron is used in another orbit. You can also change the energy of electron by an external magnetic field which also change the energy of electron orbit.

After the changing of an electron in an alternative orbit changes the atom valence, which brings about changes in molecular bonding. These changes will be the start of the pursuing biochemical reactions in the cell that bring the normalization of its essential activity, and improve metabolic operations in the cell membrane.

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