Wrinkles. The reasons for the appearance of wrinkles. How to prevent wrinkles.



Young healthy skin firm, smooth, tightly stretched. With age, it turns yellow, becomes dry, rough, loses elasticity sing, her wrinkles, furrows and folds.

Formation of wrinkles occurs gradually. First, wrinkles on the forehead, and then in the direction from the nose to the jaw, at the outer corners of the eyes and, finally, on the neck, the nose, the chin and upper lip. Wrinkles can be observed in people of all ages, even among the young.

The reasons for the appearance of wrinkles

Wrinkles cause various facial habits: wrinkling of the forehead, squinting eye (usually the sun); way to laugh also contributes to the formation of wrinkles; some individuals laughter causes a sharp reduction of all facial muscles.

Premature wrinkles is also observed in the wrong position of the head during sleep. Many are sleeping, high enclosing pillow under his head; head while leaning on the chest and on the neck and chin wrinkles.

Wrinkles can appear also in intensive weight reduction. Stretching the skin can not quickly be reduced, it droops, is covered with wrinkles.

Postponed disease.
Infectious diseases, chronic diseases, disorders of the nervous and endocrine systems, female, gastrointestinal diseases weaken the body’s resistance, reduce the elasticity of the skin, and it begins to shrink.

Natural factors of the appearance of wrinkles.
A significant role in the development of wrinkles in young people play a variety of external influences: prolonged exposure to the sun and wind, air temperature fluctuations, its excessive dryness and humidity; long stay in stuffy, smoky environment (passive smoking).

Abuse of decorative cosmetics. A lot of girls with good skin abused by frequent washing and especially dusting of face. A frequent use of powder dries the skin and creates conditions for the formation of wrinkles.

The age factor wrinkling.
Already in the 3rd decade of life wrinkles are due to onset of age-aging of skin. Between 30 and 40 years, the number of wrinkles increases significantly and reaches a maximum of 55-60 years. The skin of older people loses its density and elasticity; due to the thinning of the subcutaneous adipose tissue, degeneration and loss of elastic fibers, it stretches and falls; while bitterly opposed cheekbones, clearly revealed nasolabial folds, increasing the volume of the chin, neck, back of the head.

How to treat wrinkles disease?

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Methods of treatment of wrinkles medical cold laser Vityas (on photo):

Methods of treatment of wrinkles medical cold laser

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